Saturday, June 27, 2015

Carson ~ Aladdin

What an amazing day today!! Carson did such an awesome job! All of the kids did! While he was on stage you could tell he was loving every minute of it. Now we need to find out what to do to continue this new/on going love of his. 

I'm sure we'll be attending plays regularly now. Which I don't mind at all!

Friday, June 26, 2015

our actor

For the past two weeks Carson has been attending theater camp. He has LOVED every second of it! They will be performing two shows tomorrow. Did I mention he's Aladdin?! He's so excited!! 

Of all the camps, sports, or activities he's tried this camp has by far been the most fun for him. When it's all over tomorrow he might be a little lost. Break a leg Carson!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

twilight camp

This week is twilight camp for Carson. I helped chaperon on Monday. We had fun! The theme is Dragons and their group name is Night Fury.
The boys are listening in hopes to shoot a few arrows.   

 Carson landed all three on the board! Yesterday he hit the bulls eye and received a gold arrowhead.

 All the boys in our group drew a picture on a pennant to hang on their flag.
Then they made leather bracelets.

It was a muggy day. By the time they finished playing these boys were hot.

One station was about dragons. We learned about a dragon in Western Europe that gets about 3 feet tall and 6 feet long. I don't remember the name, is was German.
Our last station was about nature. The boys stamped an animal footprint in sand and used paris of plaster to make a mold.  Carson's footprint was a squirrel.


We had a tornado warning all afternoon and evening. Many leaders kept watching the radar to be prepared, by 8:00 is was dark. On the way home I had to stop to get a picture of the beautiful sunset. If only that lamp post wasn't in the way. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

more rain

We won Cougar tickets at a silent auction for tonights game. No rain all day until we head out the door. At about 7 they announce that they're hopeful they will still have the game. At one point it rained hard enough most of us went under the shelter. Brian stayed in his seat. 

They boys joined him back in our seats. 

At about 8 they announce the game is cancelled. Luckily we can exchange our tickets for another game. The kids were troopers. The boys came over to the house for a bit and we played monopoly deal. It was fun! All these boys were silly most of the night. 

pool party

We've had so much we rain. We all prayed that Thursday would be rain free so we could have our first annual a-days pool party! It was a success! These girls had so much fun. We all did!

We had over 60 young girls. I believe there's over 100 in our Stake that could have come. The pool was full as it was but we would have made it work. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

rain, rain, go away...

Yesterday it rained, and rained, and rained some more. I have no idea how much we got, but I do know it's never puddled like this before. The water was seeping through the foundation into the storage room. Luckily it ran right into the pump. I wasn't too worried. Although I did time the pump. It was running every 11.67 seconds trying to keep up to all this water. Crazy!!
The elementary school was extremely flooded today. When we first noticed it Carson asked if he could go swim. Of course I said no. After Karlee picked him up from theater camp they drove past the school and her friends were floating in it! Well they quickly changed and headed back to the school. I decided to drop by and take a few pictures. ;)

See that fence on the upper right? The water was near the top earlier in the day. Today was all sunshine. Tomorrow should be too. More rain is expected Thursday. I hope it's not much. It won't take much to do this all again.  

Later, Karlee went to hang out with friends at Wredling. They had a new pond there as well. She said the water smelled like goose poop. I'm not surprised. 

youth conference

Brian and I were asked to be chaperones for our Stake's youth conference. We were so excited! We've never been to Kirtland before. I was last weekend. We left on Thursday and visited the Temple that night. On Friday we visited the other Church sites then drove home Saturday. A cram packed few days. Loved it!!


 The temple is beautiful! I love the stone around the windows.

 Karlee noticed I was taking pictures. She was the only one.

After we finished taking group pictures we went inside for a fireside. We weren't able to take any pictures inside. :( I understood, I still wanted some though. President Boswell spoke first. This was the first time I've heard him speak since he'd been called as our Stake President.  The Spirit was very strong for me while he spoke. We then had a Brother Anderson that was from the area. Very knowledgeable about Kirtland. Did you know Christ visited them 8 times?  I didn't. Did you know the Father and Son visited 4 times? I didn't know that either. To be honest I had no idea so many amazing things happened here. The Spirit was strong at every site we visited.
The Isaac Morley Farm was probably my favorite. I felt the Spirit the strongest here. I never realized all the revelations that were given in Kirtland. So many people followed the promptings of the Spirit to further Christ's Church. All of it was amazing!

 To see their chisel marks was cool. Such difficult work.

 Above and below is the ashery. I had no idea what that was. They would take ash from hardwood and soak it first then boil it down to the stage they wanted. Eventually it was sold to make glassware. The money earned from this was used for the temple.

This was the home of Newel K. Whitney and his store.

 Here is our group/family. All but one girl was from our Ward. I kept trying to learn the boys names. There were two that from our Ward. All of them were great! Our entire Stake of youth are amazing!!

This is the John Johnson farm. Such a large home for that time.

 Notice the checkerboard floor! And the feather painting on the mantel and doors! All of this is original. A little over the top but fun! They had an extremely large kitchen.

Off of the kitchen, near an exterior door, President Boswell pointed out to Brian a handle. It was original to the house...Joseph Smith used that door... Kind of cool when you think about it.

We didn't see much of Karlee. We were in different groups and buses. Just before we headed in for the testimony meeting Friday night I grabbed her for a quick picture. I'm glad we could experience Kirtland together, kind of together. It was fun seeing her with her friends and watching her make many more friends in our Stake.

Now we need to bring our boys here to visit.