Sunday, July 31, 2016


Mason got home around 5 pm yesterday. He was tired. He didn't end up hiking 50 miles after all. He's not sure how far they went. Three different boys ended up getting sick. No fun! Will he do it again? He's not sure. 

Here is a great picture of the group. The boy in orange is Fischer. Probably Mason's best friend. He's a great kid! Their whole family is pretty awesome. 

Sabbath Day

We got a call yesterday letting us know we would only be having Sacrament meeting today. Our building doesn't have water pressure. It was strange pulling into the parking lot with it being so empty. Even stranger walking into the building and it was so quiet.

I was only there long enough to partake of the sacrament then I headed into the Stake Center to meet with a new Ward Primary Presidency. It was my first presidency training. I think it went well. I hope I was able to answer all their questions. One counselor was from the previous presidency so I know she'll be a lot of help. I enjoyed getting to know them better. That's one of the perks of this calling.

After lunch I helped Carson decorate a cake. Carson asked me yesterday if we could celebrate Harry's birthday. Of course I said yes. Shortly before church he asked if he could wear Harry's glasses. I thought real quick, remembering that both McKinzie and Karlee wear nonprescription glasses too, and said yes. He was shocked! When I told McKinzie she was shocked as well. She said her glasses were an accessory like earrings. I said his glasses were an accessory like a necktie. ;) I love that he has found something he loves.
Our garden is looking great! Our tomato plants are almost as tall as our corn. Granted our corn is kind of short. We have "wild" tomato and cucumber plants. Our lettuce looks a little sad from the rabbits that are everywhere. I'm thinking we need a more aggressive cat to keep them away. Then, do you see that large squash plant on the left? Not sure what kind of squash is it though. Carson brought a seed home from Primary. We'll see what it is soon.

As I was sitting in the family room talking with Brian I looked out the front window and see a pink sky. I head out the door quickly and see this from our front yard. I love our view! Happy Sabbath!

Friday, July 29, 2016

wet day

CJ invited a friend to go swimming this afternoon. We were only at the pool for 30 mins when we heard thunder. They closed the pool...

We ate our lunch outside by the pool hoping they would open back up. The weather kept getting worse so we came home. The boys played in the basement for a time then they started getting bored. They went out in the rain and played in the water. They loved it!

We are taking care of our friends pets this week. They have two cats, fish, and this...lizard. Carson wanted to hold him so bad then he got kind of nervous holding him. We have to feed him crickets!! I really, really don't like crickets!!

McKinzie sent this to me today. She sends me lots of pictures. I love it! Dex is getting so big. I'm afraid he'll be walking before we see him again if he keeps growing this fast. She must have just gotten back from the pool. Look at those rosy cheeks!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Nauvoo Pageant

I was so excited to see this pageant. The last (and only) pageant I've seen was the Manti Pageant when I was a youth. We attended Youth Conference there. Brian has seen the Palmyra Pageant also on a youth trip. None of our children have seen one before. 

We headed to Nauvoo the day I got home from Texas. I got home after 10 Friday night and we were on the rode by 10 Saturday morning. 

Once we arrived in Nauvoo we had lunch then we went and reserved our seats. So cool that they provide the note card and twin to tie off our seats.

The only thing we didn't see last time was the Trail of Hope, that's where we headed. We took turns reading the posted signs.

Here is the Mississippi River they crossed. I knew it was big but WOW! So amazing to think how all these Saints crossed this river. Then to think they only had a wagon, like the one below, to carry their personal belongings and food. Or even more challenging...a handcart.

Before the pageant they had an 1840's carnival.  Stilts, stick ball, ring toss/flying, chess, crafts, and dancing. We loved all of it!

Carson loved the dancing!

We had a great spot for the pageant. I only wish that pick up and trailer hadn't been parked there. :(

The whole pageant was wonderful. I loved the stories of the immigrants, the singing, the beautiful backdrop, the Spirit which I felt multiple times. It was a great experience!

I'm so grateful we live close enough to make this trip in a day. We/Brian drove us home right after. We arrived home after 2. Luckily we were able to sleep in since church wasn't until 1.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cantigny Park

We had a fun day today! These boys were rock stars!! It was a hot day but they walked around beautiful gardens and entertained themselves and me. 

In the First Division Museum these boys pretended they were the soldiers, waving me on when it was safe.

We only did the short 30 minute tour but it was still amazing inside. Next time the full tour for sure.

The fountains were a hit, of course.

I'm so glad Hayden was able to join us today! These boys have so much in common. They both love Harry Potter and acting. Hayden is definitely Carson's best friend from church. It's unfortunate though that Hayden just turned 12 and Carson won't be 11 until September.