Monday, January 30, 2017

Church is hard...not!

Wednesday night the Teachers and a few Priests had the job of trying new dessert options, not on the menu yet, and rating them. Such a chore!! Mason had the Chocolate Fudge Fusion, oh my! They did discuss the high adventure for the summer while they enjoyed their treats. 

Mason wishes they did this at least once a month! Who wouldn't, right?

kids say the darnedest things

Don't you just love those little teeth?! McKinzie thinks he looks like a hippo. OK, with those teeth maybe a little. He started crawling last Tuesday. She sent us a video of him crawling for his bottle. He would get close and she would move it farther away. He got so discouraged. Finally he reached it and declared victory as he rolled over and started sucking. He's almost 10 months old and he's growing way too fast for me. 

On the same day, Tuesday, Adam got a loose tooth!! His first! He's super excited. He's probably the only one in his 1st grade class that hasn't lost a tooth. 

I've got a funny to share about Adam. When he got home from school he asked Kinzie if they had any clown poop. Clown poop?! What the heck is that?! McKinzie thought for a minute then it clicked! Cloud poop!! Geoff called divinity cloud poop! So we declared that clown poop was the new name for divinity.

When McKinzie was little she couldn't say mostaccioli. She called it monster chilli. Forever more we've called it monster chili. McKinzie things monster chilli and clown poop would be great to eat on Halloween. She's right!

busy sewing

This past week I've been busy with a new table runner. If you look closely you will see there are hearts and snowflakes on the greenish fabric. This is for Valentiens Day. FYI - this cutting table is new to me. McKinzie picked it up from a mutual friend that was giving it away, FREE. I love it!

In the middle of the two blocks I decided to embroider. I found this pattern online and I absolute love how it turned out!! It's a snowflake with little hearts. Soo cute.

I haven't made sugar cookies for awhile so I made some for my boys. Mason thought it was too early for heart cookies but I made them anyways. The other shape is a hand/glove/high five. You have to use your imagination. 
You know I rarely/never start a new project and have it finished before the holiday I'm making it for. It's a nice change. It's now on my kitchen table. I might need to find a valentine centerpiece for it though.

I made this blanket and burb cloth for Bailee's friend, Brooke. (Her baby was born in November. I'm slow getting it to her.) I've always used rickrack to go around the blanket. These little pom poms from Hobby Lobby turned out great. I might use them again. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

church ball

Mason had a game yesterday and neither Ward had enough players so they asked the 11 years olds that were there. Carson's friend Hayden didn't want to play at first since he's not very good. Carson said, "It's church ball. We don't have to be good!" 

Both Mason and Carson made two baskets each. Brian, and other dads, started playing in the second half. It was fun to watch my boys play. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

our 6 month baby

This little guy is 6 months old today! He had surgery yesterday (no babies for him) and now he's wearing the "cone of shame." He looks so sad...

But he's still super cute!

No school for us today so CJ planned a pirate marathon. He's been looking forward to this for possibly two weeks. I checked out movie 3 and 4 from the library and he gathered everything he might need to play the part. He looks great! He started around 9 this morning and was able to finish by 10. He thought the day went too fast. 

Mason had his winter recital tonight. He was not looking forward to it. He played "O Come All Ye Faithful" and "The Fly's Adventure." He struggled with the hymn... He said he was so nervous he was shaking while he was playing. He REALLY doesn't want to do another recital ever again. He will. I think the next one is in April. Hopefully he learned something from tonight. Like practice, practice, practice. 

Karlee is enjoying school so much more this semester. She's been able to do her own cooking and I think that has made a huge difference for her. She's made banana bread, bow tie pasta, cornbread with egg and bacon muffins, pancakes, plus she made chocolate chip cookies yesterday and she declared it finally feels like home. ;) 

Bailee has a date tonight with a hot guy!! Her words. She's was so excited. School is going well for her. She's still working at Barnes & Nobel and Subway plus taking two or three classes and volunteering for a group on campus. She's seems happy.

McKinzie is doing well, lonely, but she keeps moving forward. She impresses me everyday with her strength. She's trying so hard to help her kids with all this. Trying to figure out what's next. She's hoping a husband is what's next. I pray for that too.

Brian is plugging along with his diet. He's so focused. He's lost more than half of his goal. I don't want to share numbers yet. Let's just say you wouldn't recognize him. :0)

I was able to watch some of the inauguration. It's comforting to see the power change hands so smoothly. I didn't vote for him. I really wish he would learn to think before he speaks though. I'll pray for him and his administration. I know they will need all the prayers they can get. I also worked on a new table runner most of the day. It's a valentine one. I just might have it finished next week. My fingers are crossed. 

the wild

Sunday morning Brian noticed a deer on the side of the road. Monday morning it was in our back yard. I had no idea we were in the wild! I'm thinking coyotes moved it away from the road. Both Mason and Carson have been out to check it out. Mason enjoyed being able to see the organs. Every morning it has been moved farther and farther across our yard. This morning it's almost in our neighbors. I'm glad. I didn't want to clean up bones come Spring.

Here's a couple pictures of some super cute kids. Poor Dexter falls asleep in any position. I hope McKinzie moved him soon so his legs didn't hurt when he woke up. He's growing too fast that's for sure.

Mason took this picture yesterday. It's kind of cool to see the ribs. I just wish I didn't have to see his little face too . :( 

Last October a possum was killed in our yard and vultures hung around for a couple days. Then Murray got a hold of the hide. Super gross!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

scheduled too much

Today has been super busy. We weren't sure if we would make it to all we had planned but some how we did, barely.

Mason and Brian went and helped at an Eagle Scout project at 9. They were clearing an area and stacking wood. It was around 28 degrees this morning. Super cold for working outside. There was a great turnout so they finished in less than 2 hours. While they were working CJ and I were at his first rehearsal for his next play. To say he's excited is putting it mildly. This play is a spin off of Alice in Wonderland and he's playing Tweedle Dum. 

This afternoon was a walk in clinic for pet immunizations. Murray was due so I took him in planning on it being quick so we could make it to Mason's first church basketball game. It ended up taking longer to get shots and we were about 20 mins late. (Luckily he rode with a friend and he was not late to the game.) But we did make it! He played great. Over the next 8 weeks or so our Saturday's will consist of play rehearsals and basketball games. 

Murray did great btw. While other dogs were jumping around and barking Murray sat about a foot from my feet and didn't bark once. Not even when he got his shots. I did find out he weighs 10lbs 8ozs. He'll be 6 months old on the 20th. This week I need to schedule an appointment to get him fixed. Not fun for him but I'll be glad to have this taken care of. 

After Masons's game there was a Stake activity. He ended up staying at the Stake Center and waiting for it to start. Luckily he was able to catch a ride home. I miss having a teenage driver. It'll be nice when he can start driving himself to his activities. 

These are his people! All these kids are from our Ward. He has a text group with them and his phone is ALWAYS buzzing. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

a good life

I snapped this last night. He had no idea.  He's been walking/running a couple nights a week. Brian asked him why and he simply said he didn't like the way he looked. Good for him to do something about it. He said he liked the treadmill because he can watch TV at the same time. Smart boy!

At this moment the TV is on and he's facetiming/chatting with Hayden. He's a multitasker.

Last night I FINALLY put all of Christmas away. This is very late for me. The first week of January I decided to take it easy and relax with my family. I'm glad I did. I still need to dust before I put everything back where it belongs. Hopefully by Friday the house will be back to normal.

Last week I had two different kids ask what I do all day.  It kind of made me question what I do. I started thinking maybe I need to do something different/more. Then this week I've been super busy with putting away Christmas, helping to feed missionaries lunch at the Stake Center, and meetings for my calling AND it's only Wednesday, I've decided I'm doing enough. Both Mason and Karlee think my days are pretty simple and low stress, AKA easy. I told them some days they are. Then there's visiting teaching, dr and dentist appointments, temple trips, presidency meetings, grocery shopping, laundry, house cleaning, painting rooms, gardening, running, plus endless hours house training a puppy! Yeah, I think it's plenty. I'm so grateful that Brian's job provides well enough for me to continue staying home. I enjoy being home for our kids. I enjoy baking them fresh cookies when they arrive home from school. I enjoy being able to talk with my girls in the middle of the day if they choose to call. I enjoy an impromptu lunch with my best friend. I enjoy my life.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Karlee got this crazy idea that she wanted to make a scrappy pocket for her apron, last night. Oh man! We talked about what she wanted and she went about it a most difficult way. She sewed some together than top stitched a few then didn't like how small it was going to be so today she put it on a solid piece and sewed that on today. (Yes, there were tears.) I'm soo glad she's finished. Whew! But it's cute! Good job Karlee!

I embroidered a few towels for Christmas gifts this year.

I really liked how this reindeer turned out so I made one for me. ;)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

another new year

Our New Years Eve fun.
Usually Brian watches from the bleachers. This year he ice skated with us. I loved that we were all out on the ice together. 

Of course I pulled out the chocolate fountain. 

We played hedbanz, a crazy version of tenzi (I laughed so hard), and Mario Kart (the boys sure know how to play video games). We only have 4 controllers so who ever came in last had to give up their controller. Dad and I traded the most. 

I'm not sure what Karlee is trying to do here.

Of course we had donuts too!

Happy New Year!!

We were in bed by 12:30 then up early for 9 AM church. These two slept through part of sacrament meeting. Carson was sleeping hard.