Saturday, April 30, 2016

my kids

McKinzie sent me this picture of Adam at a district art showing. The picture on the lower right is his. I remember going with my boys. All of them are growing way too fast.
This morning Brian and I attended the temple. We cut it close with it being the last day of the month but we made it! I love that we have made the temple a priority. I love attending with my best friend.

Today is Karlee's Senior prom. We went and got her makeup done then we found her a clutch for her phone and keys. It matched perfect!!

Isn't she beautiful?! She decided to go with a group of friends. I'm glad she still went even though she didn't have a date.  She's determined to make every memory possible. After prom goes till 3... Good thing church doesn't start till 1. 

After she left to meet her friends we headed to the church to clean. Our Ward here divides the building into four zones then assigns who cleans what. It works out great! We can go whenever it is convenient for our family and know exactly what is our responsibility. So smart!

The boys worked hard! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

last concert

CJ's final concert for the year was tonight. It's amazing to hear the difference between the grades. Each year there is an obvious improvement. I hope he continues to play through high school.

I need littles!!

A friend told me about this most amazing place. I believe it's someone's front yard. These tulips are amazing!! I need littles so I can use their picture with these tulips. Maybe I'll take my big kids. They did sit for me for bluebonnets.  

Here's my tulips. Simple...but I love them! 

last day

I snuggled with Dex through most of church. I took this picture during RS while he was sleeping. 

After church I had these three climb up on my bed for a picture. They are so dang cute!! 

Sunday afternoon was quiet. McKinzie put in Enders Game which I quickly feel asleep to. The night before Kinz and I stayed up till midnight talking. 8:30 church sure came quick. The kids are watching a different movie here. I don't remember what they chose. Once they realized I was leaving for the airport soon we quickly turned off the tv and headed to the park. I introduced "underdog" pushes to them. They thought that were great!
My flight was delayed but it wasn't too bad. We all had our own tv! It felt like I was headed to Europe! If only...
I've always loved these flags at the airport. They looked extra cool with so few people around. 

Then Monday morning I woke up to blossoms! I had a feeling this tree would explode while I was gone. It's my favorite Soring tree!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

sun & fun

We've had fun hanging out together. 

We've played at the park, made cookies, had a little tea party, and Dex had a little photo shoot. 

Another beautiful day in Texas!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Texas bound

Brian and I headed out the door this morning at 7 to get me to the airport. I was so excited!! (I loved the wing on the plane!)

I had to wait till we had lunch to hold this most perfect baby! He's two weeks old today. He smelled soo good. 

I made Kinzie a couple more burbs clothes. I figured she could use more boy ones. 

The kids didn't know I was coming today. It was fun to surprise them. We met Adam at the bus stop and he was very surprised. It was such a beautiful day we stopped at the park on the way home. I forgot how amazing Spring is in Texas. I'm loving it!

After dinner the kids wanted to blow bubbles and dig in the dirt. So of course we said yes. 

They were a mess! Kinzie put them in the tub to wash their feet and before we knew it they were soaked. She turned on the shower and they had a blast. She's such a cool mom!!

It's been fun hanging out with McKinzie. Talking about things only those that have had kids can talk about. Some good laughs too! 

I've built things with Retta, Adam read to me after school and I've held, feed, and loved on sweet Dex. 

After kids went to bed I read scriptures with all the boys back home. It was nice. 

In other news...Karlee got a scholarship from BYU!! She'll get half her tuition paid for two semesters! Score!! Plus...she passed her CNA exam!! Way to go Karlee!!

It's been a great day all around. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stake Primary

I'm going to miss serving with these amazing ladies in our Stake. They are smart, funny, and so on top of their callings. They are such great example to me. 

We were released as a Presidency on Sunday. Today we met for lunch before Holly moves. She's moving to Buenos Aries in about two weeks. So jealous!! It has been fun to get to know her and her most adorable kids. I hope she gets on Insragram so I can get a peek of her adventures. 

Marci has a new calling, co teacher for Seminary. That would be a tough calling for me. She'll be team teaching with her husband. I'm sure they'll both enjoy that. 

Staci is my first counselor. She's great!! I'm excited to keep serving with her. She knows everything there is to know about scouts. I'm mean EVERYTHING! She's fun and spontaneous and just plain awesome! 

My other counselor is Julia. I've been able to get to know her a little over past year. Her husband is the 11 year old leader and Carson has had a couple activities with him even though he's only 10. I like her too! I think we're going to have fun. I need a little fun with friends sometimes. 

I'm hoping we'll get a secretary soon... Until then I guess it's up to me. I'm a little nervous over here. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

beauty all around

Here are my first tulips!! They are beautiful! The shrubs that we just planted  are below. And that tree is about to explode with blossoms! I can't wait! 

Then there's that door. I want to paint it, a bright, cheery color. Brian is nervous about that. 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

busy weekend

Carson had a half day on Friday due to parent teacher conferences so to him that means DIY.

After I took him out to lunch, wanting to make the day a little special, he came up with all kinds of ideas to make.
We made two badges. A Captain badge for his Quiddage robe then a Prefect badge for his school robe. The badges helped to finish the look he was going for.

Then we made these signs for his light switch. I think those are self explanatory.
Friday I was able to finish this block I was making for Kristie M. She's making a quilt for a woman she visit teaches. I think it turned out great. I'm still not sure how much to charge her though. 

Then I started making all things pink! Skylar and Amanda are expecting a girl and her baby shower is Friday. I'm hoping to get it in the mail tomorrow.
Friday night we had a family game/movie night. (Karlee ended up inviting Miranda and Jonathon over too.) Brian picked up pizza on his way home from work. We played a couple hands of "poo face" then watched Mockingjay 2. It was a fun evening. 

On Saturday, Brian and I pulled out a few overgrown shrubs in the front flowerbed and planted a few flowering shrubs in their place. I love the new colors! I'll try and share a picture later this week. We then attended the adult session of Stake Conference. Our favorite!!

Today was our Stake Conference. It ended up being a much busier day than I had planned. I was sustained as the Stake Primary President along with two counselors. I'm looking forward to working with these ladies. They are amazing! 

After a late lunch and before Karlee and I attended a BYU meeting Carson wanted to make another DIY, a flag. He was lucky I had all the supplies needed. 

Plus there was BYD this afternoon as well. Such a busy day. Not our kind of Sunday.

McKinzie just sent me this picture of Dex. I think he getting a little too much sun. I know he needed some extra sun due to jaundice but they might have gotten carried away. lol 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

honor roll

Today was the 8th grade A/B honor roll breakfast. Mason had all A's for the first and second quarter too! He's such a smart kid. I'm excited for him in high school. He's going to do great things. 
Great job Mason!! I love you!!

Sunday, April 10, 2016


In YW's today all the seniors received a quilt that a few women in our Ward made for them. They were so different and beautiful. Karlee's was the brightest, just what she wanted. 

Amelia, Karlee, Kaitlyn, and Miranda. Britton wasn't at church today, and Sydney received hers in December before she moved. 

There were actually two other girls that moved before the school year started, McKinley and Cassidy. That's a lot of seniors in one Ward. It's been fun. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

all about boys

There have been plenty days with comfortable temps. Enough so that our yard desperately needed a mow. Brian went out this morning when it was still below zero. What was he suppose to do? Near the end of next week we should be in the 60s. I can't wait!!

The Goose's Gavel opened today. We went to the second show. Can I just say... Wow! They all did great! Carson was a natural. He's so comfortable on stage. The harmonica was a nice touch. 

Here he is with Isaac. This is their second show together. 

Afterwards we made a trip to Rocket Fizz then we ate at The Beehive. We let Carson choose. Mason wasn't sure what he should get. I'm thinking he chose well. He loved the bbq wings! (Even though this is all about boys, Karlee did join us.)

Then there's this boy, little Dex. He sure has a lot of Shuldberg in him. I can't wait to snuggle...