Sunday, November 10, 2013

new toy

Saturday Brian bought himself a new toy. We really thought that mowing season would be over when we moved in.  When Brian saw the neighbor mow he felt our grass was too long.  So he bought a riding lawn mower.  Carson was eager to have his turn too.  He played outside in the leaves waiting for Brian to give him a turn.

The yard looks so good when he was finished.  We needed the mower after all. :0)

hopeful sewing

I decided to take my sewing machine with me instead of sending it with the movers.  I knew we would be in a hotel a few days and thought I'd have free time.  I was wrong.  I haven't had any free time till Thursday.  I was excited to sew a baby blanket for a friend.  

I had only about 10" left and I started having issues with the bobbin.

Karlee used the machine last to make a capri sun bag.  I hope that's not what started the problem.

I've made a few friends here though.  One, Marsha, offered an older machine for me to use.  I picked it up last night.  Tomorrow I'll probably try and put a dent in those projects. 

last sunday

Last Sunday we had sun for the first day here. We were so excited!!
This is our view from our deck.  I don't think I'll ever get tired of this.

 The boys started tossing leaves in the front yard.  We invited everyone outside to play.

 The pile of leaves wasn't high enough.  The girls hit the ground and bruised their bottoms. LOL



It's been 11 days since we closed on our house.  We are still waiting on the movers.  I've been told that they could arrive on the 12th.  Although it's not a guarantee.  It 's been three weeks since we have attended church.  We don't have Sunday clothes.  We really thought the movers would have arrived by the 2nd. Boy, were we wrong.
Today to fill our time, but not go anywhere to spend money, we found a wetlands preserve connected to the back of our neighborhood. This is where the coyotes live that we've heard at night.

 I'm definitely going to need to come back every season.  I bet this creek is pretty cool with snow everywhere.

The boys found sticks. They do every time we walk anywhere.
We sure love the beauty this place has to offer.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

grandkids dress up

McKinzie sent me these pictures.  This is Retta and Adam at the Ward Trunk or Treat.

At home Retta didn't like Adam's mask very much. They are so stinking cute!!
Shan, Retta's babysitter, put this on her after Halloween. No matter how she dresses up she's CUTE!

first day

Here is Karlee on her first day of school at North High School.  She's very nervous.  Both Karlee and Mason started the same day, November 1st.  I wasn't able to get a pic of Mason.  He's too quick for me.

Mason was so nervous he didn't want to get out of the car, but he did.  They both came home with having an OK day.  That's all I hoped for.


Today I'm sewing a blanket for a friend and my machine started having issues.  Probably 3 times my bobbin did this.  I decided to take the thread out and see what happens.  It basically froze up after 5-6 stitches.  So I dropped it off at the Dr and I won't get it back for two weeks!  That's super long when I have 4 projects to work on.  Oh well.  Since I can't work on the blanket I decided to try and play catch up.  
This is the view from my kitchen, where I'm sitting and typing.  I love the view.  I don't think I'll ever get tired of this.  

Mason just left on his second 11 year old camp out. His first one was in September.  Brian went with him but didn't take any pictures.  I thought I trained him better than that. 
Mason wasn't excited to go today.  He met one boy last week and the others at church Wednesday night.  There are five 11 year old scouts.  They will all sleep together in one tent.  It's suppose to be cold tonight with a chance of rain.  All of our gear hasn't arrived yet so we are borrowing everything.  I worry about him all the time.  I feel like I make him go to many activities.  Almost always he has fun, but he would rather stay home.  I'm sure I'll worry about him all night. Is he having fun?  Is he warm? Can he sleep? Has he made friends?  The list continues to grow the more I type.  

 Clay's mom, the boy in the middle, sent this picture to me as they were about to leave the church.
Here is the entire group of boys that went on the camp out.  The 11 year olds only needed a day pack for their water and lunch.  The 11 year olds only hiked 10 miles.  The rest of the boys packed all their gear and hiked 15 miles. 

I added these pictures on Sunday.  Mason had a great time and stayed warm all night.  His legs are still a little sore from the hike.


After school we stayed at the house and carved...pumpkins?  I wasn't sure if we would be in a place to carve pumpkins so I never bought any.  When I went to buy pumpkins you can imagine my surprise that they were all gone.  I had to get creative.  I bought a butternut, spaghetti and acorn squash.  I think they turned out great!!


Carson is the only one that dressed up.  He LOVES Harry Potter.  He wears that tie to church too.
 The rest of these pics are from my phone.  Better than nothing, right?
 One house gave out cotton candy.  Love it!!

 Mason was not too happy.  About 30 minutes into trick or treating he decided to join Carson.  He's a robber, sort of.

By the end Mason was smiling.  The night was cold and rainy.  I used an umbrella most of the night.  Bailee followed us around the neighborhood in my car.  (The first time I let her drive my car btw.) Part way through the night she made a run to Starbucks for hot chocolate for all of us.  That really helped.

Carson's first

Carson was the first to start school in Illinois, on Halloween too.  He wanted to start right away so he could have a class Halloween party.  This is his first Halloween party at school...EVER.  He was super excited to dress up and have parade to show all the parents.

 I was told that normally the costume parade is outside. It was a very wet day so inside it was.

A mom made this yummy ghost bananas.  She froze the bananas then used a knife to spread white chocolate over them.  I removed the raisins before I ate mine.  They were still frozen.  I wanted another, but I was good and only had one.  ;)

 The party was a success, for Carson and me.  I met many other moms and Carson could be Harry Potter.  His favorite hero.