Thursday, July 31, 2014


Carson's swim team finished up this week. He really enjoyed it but grateful he's finished. 

Mason earned his totin chip card at scout camp so he's able to use this ax. It sounds like he's having fun. I sure miss him! So does Carson. 

another adventure

This girl has had a busy summer. She left this morning for a YW, Laurels, High Adventure. She'll be going on a ropes course, rafting, canoeing/kayaking and most likely setting up everyone's tent! (Thanks to Philmont!) She didn't want me to take another picture of her. 

I did anyways. Love you Karls!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Our little garden has taken over. I think in the Spring I'll remove all of the shrubs in the lower part of the picture and plant more plants! I'm loving how easy it was this summer. 

I spotted a few cantaloupes. Keep on growing!!

This was my first harvest!! My cucumbers are as long as a zucchini! Lol 

There are tons of tomatoes. I think I'll be overwhelmed when they all turn red. I can't wait!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

a new adventure

This morning, at 5 to be exact, I dropped Mason off for scout camp. He was nervous. He's been nervous for weeks, telling me how he didn't want to go. But in the end he went. I hope he has a good time. I'm sure he will! He's friends with all the boys and one friend will be in all the same merit badge classes. 

This will be a great growing experience for him. I'm sure I'll worry about him all week. I seem to worry more about Mason than any other of my kids. I do hope he has fun...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday adventures

Brian and I was watching Thor this afternoon and before we knew it he was right in front of us. ;)

Bailee and Karlee decided to make cinnamon rolls for our FHE treat!

Mason is playing Minecraft with Zach while he is FaceTiming with him in Idaho. Technology is amazing!!

Is was a wonderful day. :)

not just another saturday

Saturday started out as a normal Saturday, doing chores. I had asked Carson to bring down his duvet for me to wash and he wore it down. He turns everything into fun!

Brian worked on the backsplash. I'm loving how it's looking. He finished all the bronze tile. Now he needs to grout the bronze then seal it all. 

While he worked on that and the kids working on chores I got Bailee's room/space set up. She'll be home for about 5 months. Since it's sort of temporary she'll be living in the basement. She's very excited with this option. She'll have her own bathroom and her own TV to keep her company with her schedule of a college student, staying up late. 

We headed to the airport to get Bailee in the afternoon. We were so excited! We had planned on holding signs to welcome her home. And Carson was going to wear a tie and hold a sign that said "SHULDBERG", like a limo driver. But we were late. So she met us outside but Carson quickly jumped out of the car and stood by the car holding his sign. It made her giggle so it worked. :) 

She quickly moved in and added her touch to her space. 

Since we moved one of Carson's beds downstairs he now has an office, secret spy base, under his bed. Shh, don't tell anyone where it is. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fun Friday

The boys have been asking for donuts for breakfast all week. Today I offered and I was shocked at how quickly they got dressed and in the car. There aren't any "real" donut shops close by so we went to Dunkin'. Not our fav but it'll do. 

One item on our summer bucket list was going on a bike ride. Today we checked two items off the list. 

A new park too!

I'm loving all the wild flowers!! It really is beautiful here, the trees, the flowers, the corn fields. :)

We had a great time!! We rode about 5 miles and all of us were sore. I remember why I don't ride very often. My butt is sore. I need to by a new seat for my bike. Maybe then I'll enjoy it more.  

Monday, July 21, 2014


These are some yummy peaches from Georgia. I bought 1/2 a bushel on Saturday and today the boys helped me put up 36 cups for cobbler. I think I'm set for the next two years. 

There's about a dozen left in the fridge to snack on over the next couple of days. I had peaches and cream for lunch. 
Mmmm, mmmm, good!! 

girls camp

Karlee is off to another year of girls camp. She's kind of nervous. She's not sure what to expect. She's suppose to be a 4th year but here they do it by grade. She hoping to certify for her 4th year and be a YCL at the same time. 

Every day at camp there's a theme. Here's a peek for the first day. She made the chef hat out of tissue paper and cardstock. She's so creative!! 

Saturday she laminated dried flowers to give to the 2nd years she's over. She ran out of dried so we tried fresh. We love how they turned out!! 

I hope she has a good time and makes LOTS of new friends. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

more kitchen

We're getting closer to having our kitchen finished. We've finished the floors and Brian has been working hard on the backsplash. I'm loving how everything is coming together! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Six Flags

Even though we moved we still have a Six Flags!! It's a little further to drive and a lot more traffic but still worth it. Luckily both boys earned a free ticket from school. Only Carson will be eligible next year. 

With Montie's living in Wisconsin we invited them to join us. Michael was with us all day then Cherine and Abigail joined us in the evening. 

The high for the day was 70. Too chilly for me to ride the water rides. But not for these boys. Mason and these two went on roaring rapids and got wet.  Karlee and I were smart and stayed dry. 

Mason and Abigail jumped aboard a ship and we didn't even know it until we saw them trying to shoot us with water. Carson and Michael did the same. All trying to get us wet. 

One of the last rides was this ferris wheel, although it's not a traditional ferris wheel. The ones on top are actually upside down!  

Every year we end the day by riding the carousel and getting a pink thing to eat as we walk to the car. Chicago Six Flags does NOT have pink things!! That made me a little sad... Change is not always easy but we're trying. :)

23rd birthday

I've been thinking about McKinzie all week. I so wished I could have been in Texas for her birthday. It's probably the second time we've been apart. But I'm sure there will be many more in the future. 

I can't believe she's 23! She has become such an amazing woman! I don't dare take any credit for how well she turned out. I remember when she was little how good and easy she was as a baby and toddler. Brian and I thought we were such good parents. We took all the credit! Then we had more kids, it's not that they were difficult just different. We soon realized that we couldn't take the credit on how great McKinzie was behaving. She was a good and easy child. Then she became a teenager... That's a whole other story. :D

I hope she's had a good birthday. I know she didn't have Adam with her so that made it different. (Adam is with his dad for a couple of weeks.) I asked Angela W. pick up her gift from us. We got her two camp chairs with footrests. Geoff tested them out first. I asked for a picture of Kinz but haven't seen one yet. 

Happy birthday McKinzie!!! We love you!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How does your garden grow?

I probably watered these plants twice since we planted them. They are beautiful!! I can't wait to eat something off of them. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

our swimmer

Thursday Carson had another meet. The area was beautiful!! Very secluded by many tall trees. 

This was his first meet wearing his new jammers. He said he feels like a real swimmer now! He dived in for three of his events, which was way cool! One relay they all did very well! We'll find out at practice tonight what they placed. 

With the area being so secluded and with all the rain we have had the mosquitos were terrible! I noticed Brian getting bit a lot but not Carson. When we went swimming on Friday I was shocked at the amount of bites. He has handled it very well. 

At the pool Friday Carson ended up playing at the little kids splash park. He loved it!! He has such a great imagination. 

At practice tonight we found out how Carson did at the meet. He got TWO FIRST PLACE ribbons!!! One third and one fourth. He was soo excited!!! 

He got a first place in the breaststroke. His arms were flying!! Then he a got first place on the freestyle relay. Yay Carson!! You are a real swimmer now!!