Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

fun times

As soon as we arrived Friday night Carson wanted help with his teeth. Two have been loose for awhile and he basically wanted them out. So I accommodated and pulled them out...just with my fingers. It was kind of cool. He's the only one that has lost two teeth the same night. The tooth fairy gave him $5!! Pretty cool!

Saturday Adam had a soccer game.  I was so glad it wasn't cancelled due to a wet field. He played very well. He's #14, below. 

Monday morning I drove with Ruth to meet Julianna in Denton for brunch. It was great to catch up with them. McKinzie and Retta came too. I hope we continue to stay in touch over the years. 

Then Tuesday I met Dawn for lunch. It felt like I never even moved! I have such awesome friends! 

That evening we went over to Jerry & Aimee's for dinner. Again!! More amazing friends/family! Not surprising that these boys got in the pool. The water was super cold but they didn't care. I know Mason has his suit on but he never got in. ;)

Today we pulled Adam out of school and snagged Colton and headed to the zoo. There was a high chance for thunderstorms but we went anyway and we didn't get a drop! We were so lucky. Once we started to head home at the end of the day it began. 

Feeding the birds was everybody's favorite part. It always is. We had fun. We are tired. 

Tonight we watched Kinzie's belly dance. The kids thought it was cool and Tank was nervous with all the attention we were giving her so he came over to break it up. 
Tomorrow is the last chance to have a baby before we leave. It's not likely...

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!!

Today has been such a great day! I spent it with these faces! It was a little chaotic trying to find eggs, have breakfast, and be at church by 8:30 though. (Man that's early!!) But we made and it! It was so nice seeing all those familiar faces at church. 

Btw - don't ya think I have the cutest grandkids ever?! ;)

Our Easter Bunny was clever putting our baskets up where Tank couldn't get them. They looked great all lined up. 

These two were fighting over who was going to get the egg. Retta won!

I gave Adam and Retta candy necklaces along with a Star Wars book for Adam and fancy gloves for Retta. They both loved them. 

This was the first time Adam has decorated eggs. He's usually with his dad. We had fun. 

I love how shiny some of the eggs are. 

I wish Brian could have come with us. It's been so nice to be here with everyone on Easter. I love my family!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

another birthday

Yesterday was this guy's birthday! He's 48! For seminary Karlee wanted him to feel extra special. He's such a great sport!

We both figured he would get home late from work so we celebrated his birthday on Sunday. I made him a special dinner which we all enjoyed very much. After FHE we had presents and cake. The candles are a little quirky. I had a 4 but not an 8. (Karlee suggested to do it this way.) 
I hope he felt special. Both the older girls and his parents called him Monday. McKinzie sent a short video clip of Adam and Retta singing happy birthday to him. It was very sweet. We all love him so much. I love you...always and forever!!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

mopro 2016

 Finally! The big day has arrived! She has been looking forward to this for months. She's beautiful! He's cute too! Her date is Tyler, a friend of Chloe's.
 Every time we got them ready for a picture another couple would arrive. Notice the picture below...another couple.They all look great!!  I sure hope they all have a great time, especially Karlee. I believe she is the only Senior.

Karlee's friend, Emily, came over this afternoon to help her with her hair and makeup. I think they had fun together. When Tyler walked up to the door Emily's response was priceless. "Oh Karlee! You did good!" I'm sure Karlee loved it!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Pats Day

After school I was able to get a picture of my three Leprechauns! They all remembered to wear green. (Mason is almost as tall as Karlee!!)

This picture of CJ was taken during lunch and sent to me by a friend. He's such a ham!

Karlee even wore this stylish hat! 

Yesterday I mixed up a new cookie. It had to chill in the fridge so I decided to finish making them shortly after the kids got home so they could have a warm cookie. As soon as they came out of the oven I put an Andes mint on them to melt. 

They were so yummy! They have a crispy outside and a soft fudgy center with a hint of mint on top. I think I liked them the most. Then again I usually do. Most of my family doesn't enjoy trying new things. 

Then tonight Karlee and I attended a Relief Society dinner/birthday social. Karlee sang with a few other YW during the program. They sounded great! It was very nice just to sit and visit. I was able to get to know a few more sisters. It's kind of hard to figure out where I fit in. With the grandmas? With the moms with teenagers? Usually the grandmas...