Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy 50th Anniversary!!

August 6 was Larry and Julie's 50 wedding anniversary! Us kids put together an open house for them. I think it turned out pretty nice.

Holly and I brainstormed about the centerpieces. She put together the centerpieces, while I brought the gold ribbon.

I started working on this wall hanging back in February. This is my first project I did completely on my own. Julie chose a couple of fabric lines for me to choose from. She sent me family pictures from the early years. Then I started drawing out my idea on graph paper. I'm pleased at how it turned out. There are a few mistakes, but I won't point them out. ;)
Claudia put together this book for people to sign. She also put together a slide show that ran throughout the afternoon.

Janae had the invitations printed and had them mailed out to everyone. We tried to divide the cost between everyone so no one was over burdened. I think we did a fairly good job with that.

 Shon and Holly took care of the refreshments. They were treats that Larry and Julie enjoy. M&Ms, peanuts, chocolate, and popcorn. The staples of life!

Carson took the next four pictures.  He had fun being a photographer. Overall he did a great job! 

Of course we had family pictures done!


cliff jumping

After the falls we went to the reservoir for swimming and jumping. 

 I couldn't believe Carson jumped with all the rest! He loved it!!



After swimming I headed to Boise to pick Brian up from the airport. His flight didn't come in till 11 so I stopped by Richard and Tanya's for a bit. It was great visiting with them.

Shoshone Falls ~ tie-dye tees

We wore our new tees to Shoshone Falls. I think they all turned out great! Everyone had blue on their shirts then each family had another color.
Larry & Julie ~ red
Brian ~ green
Janae ~ orange
Shon ~ yellow
Jeff ~ teal
I've never been here before. Another beautiful place in Idaho!


A few selfies!
Claudia brought her tripod so we could get a family picture.

Unfortunately Brian wasn't with us much for the reunion. He couldn't get away from work until Thursday night. We missed him. I missed him terribly.