Friday, June 30, 2017

family time

We got three free tickets when we ran our 5K a few weeks ago for the Cougars. Tonight we were able to go watch them play. We lost the game but the food and family was great! 

We even had fireworks. We're quickly checking off our summer bucket list and noticing all the lasts we're trying to get it. It's fun and sad at the same time.

theatre camp

CJ finished theatre camp today. It had a Harry Potter twist and he LOVED it! Today they had a little performance and it was fun to watch. 

Mixing potions.

I was recording while he was doing his charm story so the picture is dark.

I was sitting too close to the stage to get everybody in the picture. But I got a great shot of CJ.

so sad

While we were in Nebraska Brian and I decided to make the move in mid July. Now the pressure is on to get ready. We found an apartment that'll allow two pets. I think Julie is going to take care of Cali temporarilly. That is a relief. Now to get ready for movers.  
I sold my dining table a couple days ago. I was surprised at how sad I got. Karlee doesn't remember a time without it. Our home in Salem doesn't have a formal dining room. I'm trying to be smart and flexible with this move. Our dining room looks sad now. 

We're also trying to sell the ATV's and trailer. We haven't used them since we moved to Illinois. We're thinking that we need a new toy. Maybe a boat. Brian has already started shopping. We won't be buying anything until we buy a house in Oregon though.

headed home

Saturday morning we, us and McKinzie's family, headed to Denver for the night. Brian was flying out Sunday morning from DIA. We drove the kids and dogs to the hotel then the three of us went to the Fort Collins Temple. It was beautiful!!

It was nice to spend a couple hours there in peace, together.

Sunday we were up at 4 am to get ready, repack the car and get Brian to the airport. It was a quick good-bye with McKinzie and her family as we all headed out on our way home.

The drive was uneventful, which was good. I ended up buying an energy drink to keep myself awake. (That was a first for me.) I drank it around 4 and I was fine for the rest of the evening. By 10 I was ready to call it a day. It worked great. The kids and dogs traveled well. It was so good to be back home again. We caught a beautiful sunset behind us.

Monday morning I found out the hydrangeas had burst! They are BEAUTIFUL!! 

Friday on the lake

Friday morning I rain 4 miles. It felt great. 

I came across a couple deer and saw many tracks on the dirt road where I was running.

Stella was with me in the bathroom and Murray was feeling left out.

Thursday was a very windy day so we weren't able to rent a boat. Friday started out the same but by lunch it had mellowed. The men quickly went and picked up the boat. On their way to the beach they took turns on the tube. I didn't get any pictures of Brian on the tube. 

When the guys mentioned about getting a boat they weren't planning on getting skis. Both Holly and I spoke up and told them we wanted skies. We both skied in our younger years and wanted to try again. I went first and it felt great. It was more fun than tubing! The water was very chopping but still fun. Holly tried a couple times but wasn't able to get up. Karlee wanted to give it a try and tried 2 for 3 times.  She was able to get up but didn't last long. We only rented the boat for half a day so we didn't have a lot of time for her to keep trying. But she did do it!

Adam drove us back to the house. McKinze helped him very little. 

Of course we had s'mores before bed. Another great day!

Thursday ~ mostly at the house

We were having the baby shower on Thursday and McKinzie was busy cooking so Holly and I took turns with Dex. I got a few sweet moments in the hammock with him. It was wonderful.

Julie did the chocolate bars. So clever!
Holly planned a few games. Everyone was involved and had fun.

McKinzie made the yummiest dessert. It's a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Everyone loved it! She shared the recipe with everyone. 
Here's the finished blanket. The back is pink polk a dot to make it more girlie. 

Here's Dex throwing a tantrum. He's crying as he does this.
Retta drove us back to the beach after the shower. She was thrilled to drive!

Brian took a selfie. Dex is sort of smiling too.