Saturday, June 17, 2017

Portland ~ Sunday

Our morning view.

Sunday, after church in Salem, we headed to Portland to our hotel. I was flying out on Monday. I had heard from Randall about a wonderful donut place. Of course we had to check it out. 

There was line. We were surprised. It only took us about 30 minutes to get to the counter and it was so worth it!

We got an apple fritter, chocolate cake donut, one with chocolate icing, Oreo and peanut butter drizzle, plus a voodoo doll. It had a raspberry filling. The voodoo doll quickly became a favorite. They were huge! I'm sure we'll be taking our kids as soon as we move.

This is the third home we've made an offer on. I sure hope this one sticks. Brian thinks the front is sort of plain. Something we can fix.

I love the deck and we have a yard! There's also a view! The yard is big enough for a garden and playing ball. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths. The third floor, basement, is unfinished. It's not really a walk out yet but has great potential. Fingers crossed!

Later Sunday evening we headed over to Randall and Noelle's and hung out with them, and Garrett and Skylar and his family, and Brenda and Dave. Brenda and Dave were headed to the coast for a mini vacation. It was great hanging out with all of them. I'm looking forward to living closer to family. 

The current plan is to be moved by August, sometime, so the boys can start school in Salem. Come on house, sell already!

Coast ~ Saturday

We spent most of Saturday looking at homes. We were able to narrow it down to 2 or 3 that we liked. We took a different route to the coast. The ocean is at the end of this road. 

Beautiful yet again!

Brian took me to another yummy seafood restaurant. We sat at the chef's counter and watched them prepare meals. We loved it. We ate the best crab cakes here. So good! Brian had fish and chips and I had this seared king salmon over a poblano pepper. Delicious!
Our view during dinner.

We strolled along the pier after dinner. Lincoln had their very own California Sea Lions too! Not as noisy as it was in San Fransico but still noisy. 

Then we strolled along the beach by our hotel. More sun tonight.

The picture above is our hotel.
A setting sun below.

our kids

We're considering selling our ATV's before we move. Brian dropped them off at the shop a couple weeks ago to get a tune up and today he picked them up. The boys had a blast driving them all over our yard. We're sure going to miss our yard. We're now not sure if we're going to sell. They had that much fun!

One of the things on Carson's and Karlee's bucket list is to have a slip n slide in the rain. Today they did it! Karlee is such a good sport. I took these pictures from Mason's room.

It was short lived but they had fun. Another thing that these two did this past week was a Harry Potter workout. They watched a HP movie and did exercises to a particular event. Like when a spell was said, or when a portrait spoke, or when a pet was shown in the movie. It ended up being a great ab workout. I think they might do it again. LOL
This boy is eating fruit. The only fruit I thought he ate was apples. Now he likes two kinds. Yay! (He did NOT want me to take his picture. Don't tell.)

Bailee is loving AFY. I talked with her for a few minutes today and this past week she was on work crew. She helped build a fence and teepee and she LOVED it! She might need to live on a ranch one day. I'm hoping we get to see her in August. I sure miss her. 

Today is a year since Geoff's accident. It's surprising it's already a year and yet other days it seems like it's been many more. Brian and I worry about this little family every day. We know this it the hardest thing she's ever done. Most days she does very well too. But she's tired. Tired of doing it alone. Even though she rarely gets a break from mothering she's lonely. She desperately wants a best friend. I know it'll day. We're all ready for that day to be yesterday though. WE love you McKinzie. Hang in there.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Ward service

Wednesday we joined our Ward packing food for a third world country. Mason has done this before but it was new for the rest of us. All of us enjoyed it!

We packed these 13 oz rice bags. 

They made a mess measuring out the ingredients. I was a sealer and I dropped two bags before they were sealed. I felt so bad...
There were a lot of us. We packed 37,152 meals in about an hour. I could of packed longer. It was a great experience. We'll need to do this again.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Coast ~ Friday

I spent last weekend in Oregon with Brian. We had a wonderful time. Our home on Nautilus fell through so we had to look at homes. Our original plan was to hang out at the beach all weekend. We ended up going into Salem on Saturday to look at homes. I'm glad we still stayed on the beach though. It was wonderful. Vineyards on our way out to Newport. 

Look closely at the above picture.
There's a car in the tree! It's a whomping willow!

There were times I felt like we were in Colorado. There were pine trees everywhere. It was beautiful!

Then we found the ocean.
This was the view from our hotel room. It was a nice surprise we had an ocean view. 

After dinner we thought about walking on the beach. Then it rained...

Our view during dinner. Dinner was wonderful. I had the best clam chowder EVER! Then I had halibut tacos with a mango salsa. YUM!

It stopped raining so we went for a walk. No surprise we got rained on.
We had to take our shoes off and roll up our jeans to get to the beach. It was worth it.

We then warmed up our toes in the lobby.