Friday, March 27, 2015

happy day

This has been such a fun day! I picked up McKinzie and her kids this morning at the airport. They ended up waiting on the plane for an hour waiting on a gate. McKinzie was about to toss a couple kids out the window. It was too much! 

Finally, they all arrived safe! We headed over to see Poppi and we all went to lunch. 

Adam was so antsy about getting to the house thinking Carson would be home. When Carson finally walked through the door they both were over the top for one another. It was so cute!! 

The kids all played great together! Retta is soo busy! She doesn't stop and nothing is off limits to her! Man she wore me out. I don't know how McKinzie does it everyday. She's soo dang cute but exhausting. I'm grateful non of my kids were as busy as her. ;-)

About 8:00 Adam asked if we could still make cookies tonight. Of course I said yes! 

At first Adam was wearing the tan apron. Carson asked him if he would trade and wear the blue. Adam said, "Of course I'll trade you, I love you soo much!" It melted my heart! Carson smiled and said, "I love you too!" I hope they stay great friends forever!!

Kinzie is sleeping in Mason's bed so all the boys are in the same room. All tucked in for the night. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

it happened...snow

Well...we got snow! I'm thinking 4-5". It was beautiful!! I didn't want it to be. We're all done with the snow. We want sun! 
I took lots of pictures, of course. It's soo pretty!! I took these three pictures around noon. I met Brian and his assistant for lunch for Brian's birthday. We had a nice lunch. I really like Jordie his assistant. 

After school we had to try and clear the driveway. I have a deal with Mason. I'll pay him $10 a month to keep the front step clear. He worked hard for his money in January. February wasn't too bad. He thought he was finished for March. :D 

While I was working on the driveway Carson played in my mess. Then we all did some playing!

After lunch both McKinzie and Bailee called to visit. I love talking with them! It makes my day and I'll often find myself smiling later on for no reason. 

We feed the Sister missionaries last week and they came by tonight to follow up on the lesson they shared. We had a nice visit and the Spirit was strong. I hope our kids felt it. We feed them maybe a handful of times throughout the year. I know having the missionaries in our home helps our kids understand the importance of sharing the Gospel and serving a mission. We need to keep those thought in our boys head and hearts for many more years. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

unwanted weather

It's snowing outside...and sticking. There's a chance of a couple inches tonight. I sure hope it's not real. No one wants it. We want sun!!
Last Sunday Carson was riding his bike and we played croquet together. The first day of Spring came. Now we only need sun!! Come on Mother Nature! Don't fail us now!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

birthday boy

This boy had a birthday today, 47 years old!! I asked him last night if he felt that old. He said no...he felt 50!!  He doesn't look it! 
He makes breakfast for the family every Saturday.  I told him last night I would make it this morning if he would like. He told me he would cook.  He knows I would struggle with the hashbrowns. His breakfasts are the BEST!!
I think he's had a pretty good day. After Karlee's last church basketball game (btw ~ they went undefeated.  Go Karlee!!) we went and ate at Outback. It was so good, the food, the company...all of it. Then we went home for presents and cake.


Now he's watching college basketball.  Tonight we're going to go a play/musical in our community.  It's something I could see Carson doing someday.  That's really why we're going.

I've done this for the kids.  Let's see if I can come up with 47 items about Brian.

  1. he keeps things fun
  2. gives the best hugs
  3. love that I can wear heels with him
  4. a big pest
  5. makes the best breakfast
  6. can remove a fire alarm monitor without a stool ;)
  7. is a safe driver
  8. has been known to read a book and drive at the same time - still safe
  9. has learned when to listen and not fix
  10. mows the lawn like a pro
  11. best painter in the house
  12. always been worthy to have the Priesthood
  13. loves to make the biggest splash in the pool
  14. opens my door for every date - and other times too
  15. he knew we'd be together forever before me
  16. he has an amazing testimony of Jesus Christ
  17. he keeps seminary fun
  18. I love his full lips - always have
  19. he loves to travel as much as me
  20. patient with me as I try to get one more picture
  21. best at removing splinters
  22. he was so calm when Bailee had her ATV accident, knew how to keep her calm too
  23. willing to give us a Priesthood blessing whenever we ask
  24. is amazing at making up words to songs
  25. can rhyme anything
  26. has an amazing smile
  27. at that dimple...sigh
  28. is gentle and loving with babies
  29. can make almost any baby smile
  30. love his goatee
  31. super smart - helps Karlee with pre-calculus and physics
  32. is an awesome boss - all his assistants have loved working for him
  33. works at jobs he doesn't like very much to provide for his family
  34. is willing to watch whatever I want so I will sit with him
  35. lets me put my cold toes on him so I can warm up
  36. tells great stories
  37. he'll admit I'm right more than him
  38. he's the first to apologies
  39. very creative when working on projects with the kids
  40. best artist in the family
  41. when we clean the church building he ALWAYS does the bathrooms
  42. helps me clean the kitchen after a meal - daily
  43. always comes find me, when he comes home, with a kiss
  44. was a kind, loving, compassionate Bishop
  45. never complains about my cooking, decorating, only sometimes my shopping
  46. loves his family
  47. loves me
He is my best friend!! My love. I'm so grateful to spend eternity with him!
Happy Birthday Babe!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

drapes done!

I bought this fabric over a year ago on clearance. I'm slow I know, but I like how they turned out! I love the color that we painted as well. I now need to put something up on the wall to finish the look. 

I also have some leftover fabric that I'm considering to use for a table runner. Hopefully it won't take me another year to make it. :0)

Monday, March 16, 2015

weekend fun

We did something super crazy. We were gone from the house for 46.5 hours and 30 hours of that we were on the road.  Not so fun, but worth it!! Brian and I were invited to Spark's sealing in Texas. Brian really wanted to attend it so we took the whole family. After all, it gave us a day with McKinzie and her family! We arrived at McKinzie's at 7:30 AM. She fed us breakfast, Brian slept about 1 1/2 hours, we showered and headed out the door at 9:20 for the temple. 

It was a beautiful sealing! So gald they thought of inviting us. We headed back to McKinzie's with pizza for everyone.  Brian needed more sleep so the rest of us walked to a park. (Karlee spent the day with Victoria!)

Mason walked Tank, sort of. I think Tank was walking him. It was kinda funny!
It  was a very windy day! Super fun to watch these kids play.

One of their many pictures together. Super cute girls!! I hope they stay friends FOREVER!

Geoff put tattoos on these two. Adam's is placed perfectly! Retta is showing Poppi. It's Batman symbols on her right arm.

I've sure missed this place! 

We ate at Razzoo's for dinner. It was sooo good!!! This weekend was Brian's first time back since we moved. He LOVED Razzoo's!! 

After dinner us three went to a 5K foam run. It was more fun than I thought it would be. I know it was because of who I was with.  McKinzie, Karlee, and Ang made it so fun! I had no idea we would get so dirty, mud and all, we all fell a few times!

McKinzie and Angela's friend Kristen came with us too. I'm glad Kinz has great friends. It helps me not to worry about her as much.

Karlee's t-shirt started out white, promise!
When we got home Sunday afternoon we were so very tired. Monday morning was miserable. Nobody wanted to get up and get going. In fact, Karlee didn't make it to seminary. By Wednesday I think we were back to normal. I'm sure we'll do something like this again.  It was great seeing those kids down south! 

Monday events

Tonight was Carson's performance from his theater class.  He was so excited to go to class every week. The parents weren't allowed to attend class so it would be a surprise.  It was difficult for him to not give me any details after each class.
There were 15 students and the play lasted about 13 minutes.  Carson got to be a pirate, the Captain!!

Then later tonight, while I was cleaning the kitchen, I noticed the colors in the sky.  I grabbed my new camera. It didn't disappoint!!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring is close

Today has been a great day!

Before school I captured a picture of Stella loving on Carson. She's very playful, almost aggressive. She really needs to be exercised more. Hopefully soon we can ran a couple times aweek again. 

But today I ran outside!! 9 miles!! There is still plenty of snow but we've had 40s and 50s all week. When I ran it was about 42. There were times I was feeling quite warm then I would make a turn and a very cool breeze would hit me. It was amazing to be outside in the sun again. 

The view from our deck! The snow is almost gone in our backyard. 

When I got back home UPS was delivering my new camera! I'm so excited!! I played with it a little this afternoon. I was hoping I'd get it before our trip in a couple of weeks. Yay! I can't wait to put it to use! 

A couple weeks ago I started working on my dinning room drapes. I'm even using a blind hem stitch, a first! 

I want the drapes to puddle on the floor so my plan was to make them 96". I finished one panel and it seemed very long. When I was about to do the bottom hem on the second panel I realized my mistake. I measured 96" THEN put a 5" hem. So it's really 101"...too long. Now as I see the panel hung I'm thinking the fabric might be too heavy to puddle. I need another opinion. I was hoping to finish them today. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

so excited

Look what I got in the mail?!? I finally printed the last two years of my blog! I kept putting off printing Texas 2013. I wanted to have all of our Italy/Greece trip documented. The last pictures I posted was about Vatican City. Someday I'll need to make a book just about our trip. My fingers are crossed!

Monday, March 9, 2015

25 years!!

A lot has happened over these 25 years! Some good, some not so good but we're still going strong!
This was at 19 years, 2009. We had just finished a delicious dinner at probably the fanciest resturants we've ever been to. It was soo good!!
Today, 25 years later, I still love this man with all my heart!! We've  had a few rough patches especially these last few years, but today we are as good as we've ever been!
It's been a rather crazy day. Brian taught seminary then dropped the girls off at school.  The boys and I met him at a mechanic shop to drop off the truck.  We then dropped Mason off at school. I dropped Brian off at work then Carson at school on the way back towards home.  An hour round trip! 

I was able to get a 5 mile run in and get showered before I needed to pick up Brian for lunch.  (There was no chance we could get dinner in with the schedule tonight.) We had a nice time. We went to Chili's, a favorite. It was relaxing and fun. 

I was helping out in Carson's class this afternoon then both boys had their yearly check up at the Dr. After the Dr. we all headed to pick up Brian (It looks like the truck won't be up and running till Friday) then dropped off Carson at his theater class. Rarely are our days this crazy! Dinner consisted of leftovers then homework and laundry. I'm glad we had some time together for lunch. 

For our anniversary we decided to go to Hawaii!! I'm so excited!! We're going to Oahu for 6 days.  McKinzie is going to fly here with her kids and play while everyone is off school for Spring Break! I think they'll have fun. I know we will!!

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Gabe was first to arrive so I had them exchange flowers by themselves.  They look great!!

Then it got a little crazy! Mom helping to pin a flower on, a couple guys bumping chests...

We went out on the deck for a photo shoot.  It had been a beautiful 40 degree day.  The warmest it's been in months!! But before long most of us were shivering.


Staci and Rachel trying to get the perfect picture. =)
 Then we tried to get a picture with them looking at the mirror.  This was the best one.

 After the dance they're going over to Kingston's to hang out for a bit longer.  I hope they all have a great time! All of them looked amazing!! So beautiful...inside and out!!