Sunday, November 29, 2015

working girl again

About a month ago I started working 3 days a week for about 2 hours a day at Carson's school helping out at lunch and recess. Overall I like it.

Since we started getting serious about doing Bailee's teeth I knew I would need something more. Our savings would not be enough to cover the cost of her teeth. I started thinking about what I could do to contribute. I didn't want weekends, holidays, summer, or basically anything that would conflict with my priority of my family. Or anything that I would take home and stress about. I know what you must be thinking. Ha!! Good luck with that wish list!

A few weeks ago Brian asked if Bailee might be interested in working in the office at one of his locations. Answering phones, making copies, basically clerical, maybe 4-5 hours a day. I told him it wouldn't work with her current job. I thought about it for a day or two (and prayed) and decided this would work for me. In fact I felt good about this. It was almost perfect for me. It's about 10 minutes from home, from 1-5 in the afternoon so it wouldn't mess up our mornings and I would still be able to keep working at Carson's school. I would only be needed when school was in session. I checked with Brian to see what he thought. He didn't like it.

After a few days he gave me the info of who I needed to talk to. I went in for an "interview" and it seemed like a good fit. When Brian talked with Louis, Louis wondered where Brian found me. We never told him my last name. We were a little sneaky I know. I hope this can work. I don't want anybody trying to talk to Brian through me.

I'll admit I'm a little nervous to be at a job every day. It's been over 18 years since I worked outside the home. This will require adjustments at home to some degree. When I first mentioned to the kids that I might start working again Carson was the saddest. As I sit here and type this it's making me sad too. I start tomorrow...

great Thanksgiving week

I'm We had a wonderful time this past week. McKinzie and her family arrived Wednesday morning. Early enough we have breakfast together.

Before the day got away from us we went out and played in the snow. It was a good thing we did, by late afternoon it was all gone.


Karlee helped Retta with her snowman. I love the eyelashes! 

We played in the snow longer than I thought we would. The kids had lots of fun. Karlee served us all hot chocolate to warm us up. She's awesome like that!
Later that day we made chocolate chip cookies! The two big boys wanted to get in on this fun so we included them.

Thursday we did more cooking. Retta helped Bailee with the rolls. I believe on Wednesday Retta helped Karlee make pumpkin pie. That girl helped everyone. 

Mason made the only pie he'll eat, Oreo! It tasted great! It'll be his job every year I'm sure.
Brian learned some carving skills watching YouTube. Very clever. :)

Karlee set a beautiful table again. She played around with the napkins until she found something she liked. 

I took a quick picture of everyone when we had pie. Pumpkin, Oreo, and razzleberry...YUM!!

On Thursday afternoon, after dinner but before pie, the girls and I went out to do a little shopping. There were a few deals we were looking for but mostly we wanted to hang out together. Mission accomplished!

Friday morning the four of us attended the temple. It was nice sitting next to McKinzie during the session. Even better having both of them in the Celestial room with Brian and myself. One day we hope to have all our children with us in the temple. 

After dinner we had our gift exchange. Here is Adam and Retta playing with their presents. Retta with her tea set and Adam has a flying superman. 

Brian made this mermaid blanket for Retta. McKinzie gave us the idea. 

I made this table runner for McKinzie. One side is traditional Christmas while the other is a little more trendy for the winter months. 

I also made her a large hotpad for a casserole dish.

Saturday I cut hair, we visited Bailee at work, then went to the Electric Parade. Brian had dropped off a few chairs and blankets early in the afternoon saving us a spot for the parade. That really helped. It was a cold night, but we still had fun. Although, as we were sitting waiting for the parade to begin Adam started to cry. He knew they were driving home right after the parade. He told me he was missing me already. :(  We walked back to the cars together, said our goodbyes, and both Adam and Carson cried. It was awful... We are all glad they came. The kids played great together. I don't think the boys left the house except for the parade.
We will miss them.
We already miss them.
The next time we see them will be spring break. When the baby is due!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

all good news

Our post parent teacher conference donuts!! Not sure how Bailee qualified. :D

Today was all about conferences. Mason's conference was first. He did NOT want to go with me but it was recommended. His was a team conference, 4 teachers at once. The only class he struggles in, which is still a strong B, is his Literature class. His treacher reminded him of what is expected and encouraged him to keep moving forward. Telling him that he had confidence in him. All his teachers expressed how much they enjoy having him in class, how easily he works with anyone he's asked to, and how he adds to class discussions willingly. Mason is such a smart, sensitive, fun boy! 

Karlee's was just before lunch. I originally scheduled 5 conferences. Within a week of scheduling I received an email that one teacher would be out due to surgery. We rescheduled it earlier in November. This morning I received an email cancelling due to a family emergency and then two phone calls cancelling yet two more. We attended one conference today. All was positive! As is always the case with Karlee's conference visits. Karlee has always enjoyed attending with me. She enjoys all the praises she gets. She was a little sad we only had one visit. The teacher we wanted to talk to the most was her calculus teacher. She was one that cancelled. :( Calculus has been tough for her. She currently has a B, that's with lots of hard work too. She doesn't like getting B's. She's smart and driven. Her plan is to be a nurse practitioner. She has sent in her application for BYU. Our fingers and toes are crossed. 

This afternoon was Carson's conference. He enjoys coming with me as well. I found out he is the only one in his class that goes to a special, most advanced, reading group. I'm not that surprised. He LOVES reading! He's helpful, often adds more than expected to his assignments and his teachers enjoy having him in class. I don't think I've heard anything slightly negitive at any of his conferences. Yes I know he's only in 4th grade but I'm confident this is the trend for him.

And great news for Bailee too! She was accepted into a program where she'll be at Badger Creek for a semester. She's very excited! Shortly after Christmas I'll be driving with her back to school. She has decided to drive her car out. The plan is for me to fly home before New Years. It's only a few weeks away. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

family time

With all this beautiful snow, and nobody scheduled to work today, I got a wild hair and decided to do some family pictures for our Christmas cards. Here's a sample... I haven't decided which one I'll choose yet.  

When we finished with pictures I took a picture of the sunset. Always a beautiful view! 

This evening, Karlee made banana bread, Bailee made chocolate chips cookies and we all played a couple games of "poo face" and one game (to 250 pts) of "pit". We all had a turn winning "poo face", I won at pit. We had a great time laughing at just about everything.

Have I mentioned that McKinzie and her family are coming for Thanksgiving?! We can't wait! They should be here Wednesday, mid morning. I hope we still have snow for them. Our fingers are crossed!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

a new look

This is our first snowfall and it was a doozie! It started last night around 5 and snowed until 5 or 6 tonight. I took this picture of the house around 4:30 today. Everything is beautiful! 

The snow from last night was wet and heavy. Those pine trees look so cool!

I took the picture below around 8 this morning while I was on my way to the Stake Center for scout training. My favorite road... 

With the snow outside and having our grandkids here next week I decided to put up the tree and garland (w/Brian's help). Tomorrow we might put ornaments on too. If you look closely at the table by the stairs you'll see pilgrims and turkeys. There's also pumpkins by the fireplace. So we'll mix the holidays a little this year, no big deal. :D We also started using our "holiday" dishes at dinner! I love this time of year!! 

After dinner we went outside and played for a bit. Bailee was still at work and Karlee was getting ready to go out with friends so just me and the boys. That's happening more and more often. 
I love the view out my kitchen window. Two weeks apart and I love them both! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


McKinzie sent me a picture of Adam's turkey for school. I'm pretty sure this is the first bird I've seen with a saw blade between his eyes! Lol This has got to be  the coolest bird EVER! 

Bailee finally gave me permission to share her swollen face since today she's almost back to normal. Her gums are a little swollen but you can't tell by looking at her. :D

Then there's Karlee taking a selfie when I had no idea! Crazy girl!! 

Monday, November 16, 2015


Friday when Carson came home from school he announced he finished the entire series of Harry Potter. He was sad it was over. He enjoyed every word! Bailee asked him what's next? He said he would start at the beginning, after a few different books. :)

He found a recipe online last week and kept asking me to get the ingredients he needed. Tonight after dinner we made it. He enjoyed tasting it but he didn't want to finish the whole glass. It was very sweet. We have no idea if it's close to the original. Maybe one day we can take him to Orlando. That's his dream! 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

full Sunday

Some Sunday's are busier than weekdays for me. With my calling being in the Stake Primary I attended Ward Conference for another Ward today. I enjoy my calling very much. It's not hard just tends to be busy on Sunday's. There was one Sunday I attended three different Primary programs. Now that was a full day!

I asked Karlee to take a picture of these handsome boys. It was 60 degrees today but Mason was going to wear his new sweeter no matter what! He likes to look nice. And Carson with his favorite tie, Harry Potter of course. :) I sure love them! I love all my kids!! 

Tonight was the Stake Think Pink. The Stake recognized all the YW (and leaders and moms) for earning their Personal Progress medallion. Karlee only received one rose. The other roses are for those who weren't there. She volunteered to carry them. Smart girl! She displayed her bag she made for a project. The whole evening was nice. Beautifully decorated, yummy treats, and I felt the Spirit many times. Success!! 

Bailee ended up attending a work meeting tonight. She's feeling much better she's just terribly swollen. She attended church with the family today. She wasn't ready to see all her friends at her YSA Ward. I don't blame her. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

successful Saturday

We had another beautiful day, even if it is beginning to feel more like winter. Brian moved the trailer and ATV's under the deck so he can park in the garage during the cold winter months. We then put up Christmas lights. It went quick with everyone's help. Dad and the littles (I think those three will always be "the littles" to me.) put them up on the garage while Bailee and I put them around the deck. 

Before I started dinner the sunset caught my eye! I love my view from my kitchen!!

Bailee was feeling good enough today to run to the library. But I still can't share a picture of her. She thinks she looks like one of Dr. Seuss' characters (possibly Cindy Lou Who). :D 

Then tonight Brian did some crocheting while I sewed some more. This is a table runner I started last year but never got around to finish. Maybe I will this year...BEFORE Christmas. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Christmas is coming

We're busy busy, working on gifts for Christmas. Here's a peek of some of the things we're working on. 
Then tonight while I was preparing dinner I turned on the radio and would you believe Christmas music was playing?! I loved it!  It also turned cold today so I think winter is really here.

This morning Bailee had oral surgery. They removed 6 baby teeth on her upper jaw, did a bone graft then put in 5 implants. To say she's sore is putting it mild. She slept most of the afternoon, then woke up hungry so I spoon feed her ice cream. Poor girl wasn't up to feeding herself. I made potato and cheese soup so she would have something easy to eat. 

She hurts when she laughs...

Saturday, November 7, 2015

three new babies

I've been busy making baby blankets for my neice and nephews. 
Taliesyn had a little girl, Opal, at the end of September. She's super cute with lots of hair. Facebook sure is helpful to see these babies. :) That's where I got these baby pictures. (I think Opal is a month old here.)

Devyn and his wife Amanda adopted a little boy. Their son Jakobe, and Josh and Kylie's son, Dustin, were born the same day. 
(On the way home from the hospital.)

I've enjoyed making these blankets. These last two blankets, and probably the next ones I make, I rounded the corners. They were easier to sew and they turned out great!

I usually only personalize the burb cloths. For some reason I put Dustin's name on his blanket. I guess I needed to shake things up a bit. 

(Dustin's birth day.)