Tuesday, November 29, 2016

less heart worry

Our school district offered EKG's to any high school students that was interested, FREE! I didn't feel the need to sign up Karlee but for some reason I signed up Mason. The test was the Thursday before Thanksgiving break. I happened to be volunteering at the same time. The moms/dads had a little training to learn how to do EKG's. Kind of cool.

While I was applying stickies on a girl I got a call and I felt like it was from the school. When I was finished with the line of girls I checked my voicemail and it was a nurse from the event. I quickly walked over and talked with the Dr/cardiologist available. 

The Dr showed me Mason's EKG and explained what was unusual. He explained how the heart functions and then explained what the possible problem was. To be honest my emotions were getting the best of me. 

Once I got home, after I talked with Brian, I checked insurance and scheduled an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist. Today was his appointment. Both Mason and I were a little nervous not knowing what to expect. They did another EKG and it had the same result. Since Mason didn't have any other symptoms the diagnosis from the Dr at the high school was no longer considered.

He then had an ultrasound that lasted 40 mins. Luckily they had Monsters Inc playing to distract him. Mason didn't like the idea of jelly on his chest though. Haha!

The Dr came in with the results and said the ultrasound looked normal. Everything in the right place doing their job. The next step will be a stress test, checking to see if his EKG looks the same while working hard. This could take a month or so to get an appointment. Also, a electrophysiologist. 

There's no symptoms or worries other than the EKG reading. I guess we'll take one appointment at a time. I pray this is an anomaly. 

a lightbulb moment

Apparently it takes 3 Shuldberg's to change a lightbulb. Haha!

So glad the boys were there, they caught a falling bulb.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

electric parade

I've spent most of the day putting away fall decorations and pulling out Christmas. It's a good feeling. This evening we went to our towns electric parade. Our selfie is rather blurry...

Before the parade the boys entertained themselves with their DS. Brian and I moved closer to the street and when the boys came out from under their blanket they were a little confused and lost. It was a funny.

The temperature was mid 40s, so not too bad. We made hot chocolate just before we left to take with us and that made it perfect. It was a simple fun night. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

grown up time

Wednesday we attended the temple together. It was so nice. I'm very grateful that McKinzie has learned to love the temple. Mason needed to find a name to take for baptisms. He learned how to do it and enjoyed doing it. He then found more names for us! We did sealings today. We had about 9 couple sealings and 5 for a daughter to be sealed. It was wonderful to do them together. The Spirit was very strong.

We then went to this most amazing grill. McKinzie had searched to find the best burgers in the area and this was the result, Kuma's Corner. It was so yummy!! Brian's burger had the egg. All the burgers had a 10oz patty! We were so full afterwards.

Isn't this burger the most delicious thing EVER!?!
We were full but not too full to get us a Cinnabon at the mall. ;)

Mason and Carson took care of the two littles while we were gone. Mason is rocking Dexter. Overall the boys did a great job!

Thanksgiving day was nice. McKinzie figured out a way to do the napkins. This is usually Karlee's responsibility. McKinzie did very well, Karlee approved. Then these rolls just might be the best rolls I've made. They were so good! They only raised for maybe 30 mins, the turkey finished much earlier than expected. There was so much butter. They were boiling in butter in the oven. 

If Karlee were here she would not approve of that pitcher on the table. Oh well...maybe someday I'll have a nice one for occasions like this.
After the prayer we all shared what we were thankful for. I'm most thankful for family. I'm grateful Bailee and Karlee had family to spend the weekend with in Rexburg. Carson then told us we could look at our paper he gave each one of us. He told each of us what he liked most about us. He is a kindhearted boy.
Unfortunately Retta was sick most of Thanksgiving Day. She had a rough night then she slept till 3:30pm. She layed on the floor watching TV throughout the evening.
Later that night we had the most amazing ice cream cake that McKinzie made for us. Bottom layer cookie dough then oreos with chocolate syrup then cookies and cream ice cream.

Then brownie and one more layer of ice cream. My favorite part was the cookie dough. ;)

Between our meal and dessert McKinzie and I went to a few stores to find black friday deals. It was successful! When we arrrived back home Retta was her usual fun, silly self. We were so glad. McKinzie was worried she would still be sick for he flight home.
Poppi had success getting Dex to sleep while Kinz and I were out shopping.

Today after I cut McKinzie's hair we went out for a few more deals. I only have two more gifts to buy. Wahoo!! We went to a movie in the afternoon then helped McKinzie pack for her flight. We've had a wonderful week. I wish Adam could have come with her...he spent the week at his Dad's.

All ready for the flight! Technology is a lifesaver. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

fun days

Monday we had parent teacher conferences. Both boys are doing great! CJ confided in me that he likes to attend to hear all the praise the teachers give him. (That's why Karlee liked to go with me.) Mason said it's awkward to hear. All of his teachers praised him too! We have such kind, helpful, smart boys. 

We were having trouble finding time to get our donuts in but we managed. After donuts Mason went over to Brian L for help finding a name to take to the temple. He found one!! And quite a few names for sealings. (We might take them to the temple on Wednesday. Exciting!)

Retta's donut was cream filled with candy canes on top. It was yummy! She shared.

We then went and picked up a couple pies. Retta had more fun than CJ.

We spent today at a children's museum in Rockford. All of us had fun. Mason wasn't too eager about going but I'm sure he had as much fun as the other two.
Retta in a bubble.

She then chose to jump in the bubbles. Her shoes were foaming for maybe an hour. 

He smiles for me now!!

Retta being a little mom.

This area was for under 6. Mason ignored the sign...
Hanging out on the porch while Retta takes care of the house. 

Fun was had by all!!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

happy day

We picked this family up at the airport last night. We are so excited to have them here! Poppi and Retta were skipping together. It was cute. 

Carson came up with this all by himself. He's such a fun, clever boy. There were a few people that commented on him being a chauffeur. 

Mason loves playing with Dex. It was cute watching them play on the floor this morning. 

He's getting to be such a big boy. He doesn't smile too freely for us yet but hopefully that will change before they leave. 

Carson has been trying to get me to play all evening but I've been chatting with these cute girls. He wanted to play ambush but now that I'm off the phone the two littles have gone to bed. I think we'll play cards instead. Maybe another night we can play ambush.  We both hope so...

Friday, November 18, 2016

last day of fall

Today was our last mild fall day. I was able to run in shorts and a tee this morning. It was wonderful. We had a high of 60 and it was a little rainy this afternoon. All week the temps have been at least 60. I would love if every fall could be like this year. I'm hoping by having such a nice warm fall that winter won't seem so bad. My fingers are crossed.

I'm loving these red bushes, and my colorful door. 

I had a friend hi-lite my hair today and this was her street. For trees to still have leaves on November 18th is a miracle!! Her street was beautiful!!
After our date tonight the temperature was 42 with a wind chill of 29. Yep winter is here in full force. I'll try and be optimistic...