Sunday, April 23, 2017

a beautiful Sunday

Today has been a wonderful day. We had Stake Conference today and during breakfast Mason mentioned he wanted to attend at the Stake Center since he had friends in the choir. The boys were quick to get ready and we were able to arrive there at about 9:15. There wasn't a lot of pews left but since there was only three of us we found a spot on the cushioned benches. 

The Spirit was so strong for me. From the youth speaker talking about temple recommends and attending the temple all the way through President Boswell and him sharing his experiences of attending church in Peru this past month. As I sat there and looked at the youth choir I was surprised with all the kids that I knew. I'm surprised of all the individuals I know in the Stake because of my calling. I had a Stake calling in Texas but I never knew individuals there like I know them here. I've enjoyed this calling for many reasons. I'm going to miss it when I'm released which probably will happen in June. 

After FHE I took the dogs for a walk. I miss walking with Brian. It's always been a great time to visit and catch up. With him in Oregon we often chat while I walk but it's not the same. I sure miss him. 

We talked again later this evening as we both have been searching for houses for sale online. The house on Emily fell through. We were both disappointed but not concerned that we don't have a house under contract yet. It's comforting to find new listings that we love. We're trying to be patient as we've realized it might be better to wait for our house to be under contract. Knowing what we'll get for our home might make a difference of which home we choose. There are currently six homes that we are considering. They vary in size as much as in price. They are very different and we like them for different reasons. I hope we can choose, and not keep second guessing, when it comes time. 

loving these spring flowers

I'm loving my tulips! They are looking great!

My favorite road on our drive home from church.

I planted these tulips last fall. The sure look great along the sidewalk to the front door. Curb appeal!! 
Come on house, sell already!

she's a keeper

Cali is a diva most of the time. She barely tolerates our dogs. She prefers to use the front door. If we forget to close our bedroom doors she has a tendency to pee on our beds. She's needy and demands when she wants to be pet.

With all that said it makes me so happy to catch her hunting. She has brought mice to the door a few times. A few days ago she caught a bunny. I was shocked! I'd rather her not catch bunnies because they're cute but they do eat my garden. It's a necessary evil. Keep up the great work Cali! Be nice and let us love you!

concert day

Thursday evening was Carson's last orchestra and band concert for the year. He plays so well. I truly enjoy listening to him practice. February is probably my favorite month as they have a challenge to practice every day. He met the challenge! This is his third year playing the viola. He has every intention continuing to play in Oregon. 

He has only been playing the trumpet for one year. He tells me he doesn't enjoy it as much as the viola.  He loves band because of his friends. To be honest that's why I played band as long as I did. Because of the friends. 

Here he is with Jackson and Alex. Alex couldn't find his band shirt so he improvised. I think he did a great job with the tape. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

sunny days

When we got home Monday afternoon from the airport I was loving the beautiful weather. We got the pets taken care of and luggage put away and I headed out for a run. I ran 3 miles and it was heavenly. The clouds were perfect!

As I headed out for a run this morning I saw our first tulips. The rest are close to bloom as well. I'm surprised these new bushes, below, didn't bloom more. But that's ok.  

With Brian in Oregon I'm the lucky one that's gets to mow. I wasn't even sure where the edge of our yard was. Plus, it wasn't relaxing like Brian promised. It was work. 

CJ gave me a break and he mowed part of the back for me. He's hoping I'll pay him. 

Tonight Brian has a meeting with Greg, his boss, in Newport. He said this is his view from the restaurant. It's beautiful! I can't wait till I can join him there. 

The sellers countered our offer today and we've already countered back. I hope they come back with something more reasonable. They only came down $4,000. We should know more by Thursday. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017


With us being in Oregon we had to do things a little different for Easter. Thank goodness we were staying in a suite so we could still color eggs. We only did a dozen though. We'll leave them with Brian since he'll be staying here for the next two weeks. 

On our way to Oregon Mason's carry on bag wheels busted. He ended up carrying the bag half the time. No fun! I wasn't about to bring Easter baskets so I thought outside the box and they got new carry on luggage and used that as their basket. At first the boys didn't understand it was new luggage for them.

Now they understand. They we so excited!

Looking for eggs. See that egg above the picture? That was one of the last eggs they found. Hidden in plain sight.

Easter morning turn out better than they both thought it would. Whew! 
We attended church at our potential new ward. It turned out well. Both the boys liked their classes and and said they were looking forward to the new ward. Everyone was friendly. 
When church was out at 2 we drove the scenic route to Randall and Noelle's and it was beautiful! Vineyards, orchards, and rolling hills everywhere. Some of the tallest trees I've seen and lush greenery too. I just can't get over the beauty. We ate dinner at a restaurant near the temple that might become a regular spot for us. It was delish! 

We walked around the temple with Randall and Noelle after we ate and just soaked up the beauty.

The boys ran and played. They have too much energy. 

We went back to their house for dessert and just hung out. After awhile Skylar, Amanda, and their little one, Madelyn came over. It was fun to be with family. I'm really looking forward to living closer to family. This will be nice. 

house hunting

Thursday we headed to Portland to do our house hunting. We brought our boys with us and they were so excited to fly. The last time they flew was in 2010 when we went to Mom's funeral. Mason was only 7 and Carson was 4 1/2. I had forgotten how long ago it was.

I think we were starting to land here. I sat in the aisle for our flight. I should have traded they both got up way too often.

As we headed to Salem the sunset was beautiful.

This is over the Willamette river on our way to West Salem Friday morning.
We ended up looking at 14 houses on Friday. The boys enjoyed the first 3 then they lost interest. Another house sparked interest again so we had them for a few more houses. It wasn't as fun as they had hoped.

Saturday we had planned on reviewing 3 of the homes to try and make a decision. We ended up looking at a home that wasn't really in the running and after it was all said and done that's the one we made an offer on. The boys were glad to be done. So were Brian and I.

Emily Avenue... It ended up having the best storage possibilities, a 4 bay garage! Brian is in heaven. It was the best price for the square footage too. There is a community garden spot across the street and a club house two blocks away with a pool. We will need to replace all the carpet and we're considering refinishing the wood floors (there is water damage in the kitchen). We should hear back by Tuesday if they accept our offer or a counter offer. I'm sure they'll counter. We offered quite a bit less then they were asking.

We are excited to have found a house. Now we need to get our house sold.

The bottom picture is the view from our driveway. I'm excited!