Saturday, May 31, 2014


Brian surprised me with these flowers Friday! I love them! They sure made my day!!

I like how the water changed colors too!
Thank you Brian! I love you!!

saturday fun

A few weeks ago the boys and I attended Stem-o-rama. They showcased over 100 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math exhibits. There was so much to see.

I think they enjoyed the trains the most.


Carson brought his mitt just in case there was a flying ball coming his way.
 We saw quite a few people from church.  Karlee decided to sit with friends.



After fireworks the boys ran the bases. It was a fun night!!

bike rodeo

This bike rodeo was the most impressive pack meeting I've seen.  Our Cub Master is amazing! He painted lines in the parking lot, and round up many volunteers.


Then we had ice cream from Colonial Café, thanks to the owner being in our ward. :)

all broke in

Monday we had a new sectional delivered for the basement. Everyone loves it! It has two recliners and a chaise lounge with the recliners having massagers. These four boys slept on it Friday night and said it was perfect!

Friday ended up being a good night for everyone. Carson had Conner sleep over but they spent maybe three hours in Conner's pool before they came over. Mason had Caden spend the night and they spent the same amount of time on the computer playing Minecraft. Boys and computer games seem to go hand and hand. Karlee went to see a boy she likes at his job with Kate and Sophia. Then Sophia ended up spending the night too! Boy how Brian and I have changed! Brian and I watched a movie alone with many interruptions from kids, somethings never change. We still had a good time. 

I dare say out loud that we're finally liking Illinois. I feel like I'm being a trader though. We've had a slow coming but beautiful Spring! The kids will be out of school on Friday and the weather has been amazing!!

Without our own pool I'm trying to figure out how to keep us busy without breaking the bank. I did get a season pass to our city park pools. They have two pools, both with slides and all kinds of fun. That'll be a good start. Can't wait for summer to begin so we can sleep in. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

field trip ~ peck farm

Today was Carson first and last field trip for 2nd grade. They had one earlier in the year before we moved here.  Come to find out the class draws parents names out of a hat, so to speak. I wasn't drawn...both Carson and I were very disappointed. I talked with his teacher about just showing up.  She had no problem with it! I was the only parent that did though. Oh well.
First they talked about insects, and what makes them an insect.  They sang a cute song that went with "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes". It was called, "Head, Thorax, Abdomen".  Then they went on an insect hunt!

 Marta, his cute "friend", is showing Carson the ant she found.

 Carson is trying to catch an ant.  That little bugger was quick.  He never did catch it. He was disappointed.

We all went up in the silo to check out the view. They had some cool murals inside.

 Then off to the butterfly exhibit.  Soo cool!!

Lunch with friends is always great!! They were playing eye spy while eating.