Sunday, February 19, 2017

68° in February in Chicago!

Both yesterday and today it reached 68°. It's still surprising to me that it's this warm! Even though I've been sick this past week Brian and I took the dogs for a walk yesterday, almost 3 miles. I'm sure the dogs enjoyed it too.

Then today we had lunch outside. It was glorious! It's suppose to stay in the upper 50s for the next 3 days then back down to below freezing at night. I don't mind. I'll take any nice, sunny day I can get. Now this is the kind of Chicago winter I can support! 

The problem is I'm still not feeling well enough to get back to training. I really wish I could run in this amazing weather we're having. Unfortunately I'm not sure when I'll feel up to running again. I'm going to be so behind my training schedule for my half. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

my future

My first service call on the dishwasher was January 16. Today was my 6TH!! service call. The dishwasher kept sending an AE code and different service techs would try different things. The dishwasher would run for a few days then the same code. We would have to flip the breaker until it would power down again. Once that happened we could use it again for a few days and then it would start all over again. They releveled the machine, replaced the motor, and replaced a computer panel. 

Today they pulled it completely out and found a seam in the top back corner that was leaking. That leaking would run down the outside of the machine where it would hit a sensor that would send the AE code. The good news...I should be getting a new dishwasher. The bad news...they wouldn't hook it back up so we are only washing dishes by hand for the foreseeable furture.

They had no idea when it will be installed. They didn't even know when I might be contacted again. I think I'll be buying paper plates the next time I go buy groceries. :(  

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine excitement

What a day this has been. I really should start with yesterday though. Brian brought home these gorgeous flowers for me after work. They smell so good!

Then during dinner the doorbell rang and these cookies were delivered. Karlee had arranged with Rebecca K. She is so thoughtful! 

After dinner Carson delivered a Valantine to a girl from church, Gwen. She's such a nice girl. Carson was so nervous! I think he was more nervous on our drive home. He doesn't want this to make it weird when they see each other but he likes her and he wanted her to know that.

I put a little surprise in Brian's truck for him. I first had Mason check the truck to make sure there wasn't something in the truck for me. I didn't want to spoil anything.

I made a popcorn treat for Carson's class party. I covered it all in white chocolate. YUM!
Karlee made treats for her friends. She hand cut the hearts! So talented. I think the hearts on the plate are for her boyfriend. Did I tell you she has a boyfriend?! She has a boyfriend!! His name is Eric and he hasn't served a mission yet so she feels safe. LOL

Then today. What a day. I'm sick... I did make Carson heart waffles with strawberries. He loved them! He said the waffles taste so much better when they're hearts. He's cute! I had planned on helping with his class party but I knew there was no way. When I dropped him off for orchestra I sent the popcorn with him for the party. I then went back to bed.

I woke up around 9:00 and ate a few waffles. Then I got to work making a surprise for my boys. After I pulled the second one out of the oven I was feeling ok. It was 11:30 and I thought there might be a chance I could help at the party. I didn't make it to the shower. I climbed back in bed and didn't wake up till 2:30. I woke in a panic. I hadn't decorated the cookies yet. The boys get home at 3. I quickly melted the chocolate and hurriedly finished up a few minutes before 3. Whew! 

They loved them! I went back to bed.

I set an alarm and finally got in the shower a few minutes before 5. Brian has asked me to be ready at 5:30 for a special dinner. I took meds and I was ready for the night. ;)

Brian surprised me with dinner at home. Around 5:30 Carson escorted me to my table where there was a soft light and romantic music playing in the background. These are my servers. Could they be any cuter?!

Brian cooked dinner, tilapia and rice. A new dish for him. Plus he made these yummy raspberry pies for dessert. I was impressed the whole night.

We watched a movie together and just relaxed. It was nice. Brian gets better with age. I can't wait to see what another 10 years might bring. ;) I sure love him!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

half training

I have friends posting pictures of their view as they run and train. Pictures of trees, lakes and sun. Here's my view... Not exciting I know but it works and my pace today was one of my best. 9 minute mile!!

I've been trying to ignore the urge to make cookies all week. After talking with McKinzie this afternoon and talking about all the yummy treats she's been making I caved. I decided to add a little Valentine fun to them too. 

After dinner Brian mentioned that if we had cookies he would eat one. I didn't tell him I made cookies today. I often try to hide any evidence of cookies to try and make it easier on him. I guess I did a good job. He has no idea. ;0)

Carson worked on his Valentine's today. His school doesn't like Valentine's being candy but I'm tired. Tired of finding something cute, and different. Since this is his last year in elementary school I figured we could get away giving candy for Valentines. Shh...don't tell. 

This is how we watch TV in the evenings now. Murray sitting on us or sometimes between us. He does not like being left alone in the kitchen. So he snuggles with us. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


As Brian and I pull up to the school I realized I didn't have my big camera. Oh well. I'm grateful for my phone everyday.

The 5th graders joined the 6th graders tonight for a welcome into middle school concert. It's always surprising to me how much better the next grade up sounds. I hope he keeps playing all through high school. I'm loving listening to him practice. I especially enjoy the month of February. They have a daily challenge for the kids to practice daily. CJ plays daily and I love it!

It's fun to watch him play. If the song has a catchy tune CJ will tap his feet. Not one foot, not the same foot, but both! Sometimes together, sometimes they take turns. It's cute! He's cute!

Monday, February 6, 2017


Today has been a beautiful day. When Carson left for school he didn't want to wear his big coat. He said it was nice and no wind. He only wore a jacket. I listened to his advice and ran outside this morning instead of on the treadmill. It was so nice. It was 35 during my run and my face was still cold but the rest of me was loving it! I ran 4 miles at my fastest pace yet. My average pace was 8:46! It felt like I was pushing myself but I had to because of the big hill I had to climb. My plan was to run a 9 minute mile. I did better! 

During recess, at work, it was nice enough I didn't wear gloves, scarf, or earmuffs. Such a good feeling. I had the boys pick up branches after school today. They probably weren't as thrilled with the nice weather as I was.

This has been my favorite Chicago winter yet! It's been so mild. Come Wednesday it's back to temps in the teens. That's ok though. I'll take as many spring like days I can.

Friday, February 3, 2017


A friend of ours, Janene D, moved to Utah not too long ago. After Geoff's accident Janene mentioned what happened to a friend and that friend, Cindy, wanted to make quilts for the kids. Cindy asked us to trace Geoff's hands for these quilts. I'm so glad she thought of that.

The quilts were delivered to McKinzie today. They are amazing!! Each one is different but they are things that Geoff liked.

I can't believe how tiny Dex's hands are!

Before Cindy started with Adam's quilt she asked if Adam called him Dad or Daddy. I'm so glad she did! Adam has called him Crae since he was 2 years old. 

Geoff and Retta ate popsicles together often. :)

We had no idea Cindy was going to make these bears out of Geoff's shirts too. They are perfect!!

I love how Retta is comparing her hands on the blanket.

The end of a great day! 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

old and young

100 days of school for Adam today! He's such a cute old man. Zoom in and check out his eyebrows and mustache. They're awesome!

A before and after of our grooming session today. Our first. The whole process took an hour. I think we'll need to try a professional groomer occasionally. Tonight after dinner Mason held Murray still while I trimmed up a couple spots. I'm thinking it was a success. He's a cutie. 

I've decided to run another half marathon. It's in mid April. Since everyone joined me in September I asked the boys if they wanted to join me again. They all agreed. I asked Brian if he wanted to run a 10K. He said OK. Wow! He's come along way to be willing to run/walk a 10K. I checked out the registration and there's only a 5K or half. All the boys will run a 5K. I'm just thrilled they're all willing, especially Brian.