Monday, May 30, 2016

summer begins

Today is the first day of summer and it was a beauty!! The boys and I went to the pool for a couple hours. It was so nice! The sun felt wonderful! It was super crowded but we didn't mind. 

It was Karlee's first day saving lives. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Our graduate!!!

She did it!! Yay Karlee! I'm so very proud of you! Graduation went quicker than I expected. Within 70 minutes all the names were read and the choir was singing their last song. It was a bit of a challenge to find everyone afterwards though. Karlee kept looking for friends to take pictures with. 

Here's our crew. 

All the students names were displayed around the arena. It was a nice touch. 

Once we arrived home Brian grilled and we had an enjoyable afternoon. 

S'mores too!

Later this evening Mason was ordained a Teacher. I'm glad it worked out while family was here. Sometimes things do work out. 

Then I got a sampling of our photo shoot. This sure turned out great! 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

They're here!!

They arrived at 9:00 and we were so very excited!! We had breakfast ready for them. Although, Poppi took a break from cooking to love on Dex. 

After breakfast the kids played playdoh. I'm not sure we've had playdoh out much at this house. 

Brian got  a call shortly after noon from a police officer to let him know they found a bus. That it had been taken off the lot. It was a short bus so he could drive it. So I quickly told him to take Retta!! She would love a ride! And he did. 

All of these kids rode in the bus with her. 

For a late lunch we went to CPK to celebrate Karlee. Only Karlee and I have been there multiple times so everyone wasn't too sure but we all loved it! We even passed Dex around a little. 

Later this evening we did some family pictures at Leroy Oaks. I think they'll be good but we have to wait a week or so to find out. 

Mason has been enthralled with Dex. It's been fun to watch. Before Kinzie feed him his bedtim bottle we took a quick self it and he smiled!! I'm so glad I was prepared with my camera. 

Tomorrow is graduation!! Yay Karlee!

Friday, May 27, 2016

in other news

CJ had field day on Monday. It was a beautiful warm day. So nice! I didn't sign up to help since I was working and wouldn't be able to listen to the info meeting. I ended up staying after work for a couple rotations and was there while he was at the bucket brigade. My favorite station! When it was time to rotate he dunked his head in a trash can of water. I think his teacher thought he was nuts. He is a little. 

Wednesday Mason, and all the 8th grade students, went into the city to go on a lunch cruise. Kind of cool! I asked him to take a few pictures. I was hoping for a selfie with the skyline. These are cool too. 

McKinzie sent me a sample of a photo shoot of Dex. Look at him smiling!! They'll be here in the morning! I can't wait!!

This morning, with only 5 minutes left in my run, I got hit by a major downpour. It was raining so hard I couldn't look up while I was running. There was too much rain. It's been a pretty good run week. I often run about 16-20 miles in a week. I ran 17 this week but a couple days was with Bailee. 

After work, after Karlee's graduation meeting, we three went out for froyo. I enjoy spending time with my family. 

Bailee bought herself some cool new sunglasses. I love the reflection. 

Tonight was Karlee's Theatre Banquet. It was more fun than I thought it would be. The Seniors did a fun montage of the three plays they did this year. There were a couple slide shows then awards. 

Then we came out to this beautiful sunset... We took a few selfies then headed home to the family. 

Larry and Julie arrived this afternoon. We're going to have a fun family weekend. 

last day

So many things I want to share but this takes priority...these three. 

Last day of schoo!!! Woot! Woot! 
Last day of 4th grade, last day of middle school (8th grade), AND last day of public school/high school for Karlee!! So excited for all of them. 

She's had mixed feelings all week about this. Today she was a little sad. I'm sure there will be tears on Sunday... But mostly excitement!!  

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

birthday boy

Today is Mason's 14th birthday! I can't believe he's 14 already. He'll be in high school in the fall. Now that's wrong! 

Karlee decorated his door last night. He was happily surprised this morning. 

Karlee and Bailee decorated his locker also. He was very surprised! They did a great job!

They put silly notes on other student lockers. Mason and the other kids thought it was weird. I thought it was clever. 

Last night we had dinner and FHE at Ziegler's home. We had a great time. They are soo much fun! They had a cake for Mason and a few candles kept relighting. Mason was getting light headed trying to blow them out! It was great!

Tonight we went out to eat at Portillos, which was delicious. Then we came home for presents, cake and ice cream. 
I think he got everything on his list. You can't beat that! Happy, happy birthday Mason!! We love you!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Sabbath

It has been a wonderful day. It started very early for me though. I was up at 5:30 to make it to my first Stake Council meeting as the Stake Primary President. I sure love our Stake Presidency. They are good, fun men. They truly want the best for our Stake.

Bailee was able to attend most of church with us before she went to work. It was nice. Mason had an interview with our Bishop after church. Mason will be ordained a Teacher next week in our home. I'm so very proud of him. Next week we'll be attending the Geneva Ward since we'll be at graduation during our Ward schedule. It might feel a little odd but that's the only way we can renew our covenants. 

This evening we went to an open house for a new missionary. She's, McKinsey K, leaving for the MTC in Provo (then to Berlin, Germany) Wednesday. She'll be great! She comes from an amazing family. One of my favorites in our ward. 

Then this evening I went for a 3.3 mile walk. It was beautiful! The wildflowers, birds chirping, frogs croaking, planes overhead, sirens and an amazing sunset added to the experience. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

party for this boy

Mason invited a couple boys over to celebrate his birthday. First we took them to see Captain America Civil War. We all loved it! We came over and had burgers and cupcakes on the deck. Another beautifu day! 

After we ate the boys and I played kickball until I was tired from running. These boys kick far! 

They're having a blast laughing and playing games in the basement. Mason just asked if they could stay later. Unfortunately they need to be home by midnight. We'll have to do this more often. 


Mason had his recital today. He really, REALLY didn't want to do another recital. We convinced him it was necessary if he wanted Internet. ;)

Here he is practicing before we left. Again, and again, and again. 

Our preshow entertainment. 

No mistakes! He was amazing! Although he wouldn't look at me when he finished. 

He ended up being second from the last on the program. He was soo relieved to me finished. I'm very proud of him. Good job Mason! We love you!