Monday, May 25, 2015

first swim of the season

The clouds stayed around all afternoon, but we ended up staying for 2 hours anyway. If you look closely, you'll see Carson is in the middle of the pool in the above picture. He had so much fun! I'm sure he would have stayed longer if I let him, but laundry was calling name. 

Mason swam for a bit then ended up in his usual spot. That's ok. I'm glad he was willing to come swim with us at all. 

We are soo ready for summer! Only 8 more days of school!! Wahoo!!

she's saving lives

Karlee's summer job!! I hope it keeps her busy and helps her make lots of money!

birthday boy

I can't believe this boy is 13 already! The time has flown by too fast. He's so fun! His sense of humor is growing and changing. He's favorites currently are Minecraft, and camping with his scout troop. He's getting super close to mastering his Rubik Cube he got for Christmas too. He's a wonderful brother. He's often willing to help out whenever I need him to. He also starting playing the piano again.  He doesn't want to admit he enjoys playing but when he masters a song he can't stop smiling. I love him soo much!! I hope your birthday was all you expected it to be!

We ended up spending the weekend in Missouri with McKinzie and her family. McKinzie and Geoff are closing on a house in 2 weeks and met us to return Mom's bedroom set and the small ATV's. 
Since we were together we decided to celebrate Mason's birthday. 

We went to see a movie, Tomorrowland. It was not what we were expecting but we all liked it.
Then we went roller skating! It was Adam and Retta's first time. They loved it too!

After a yummy dinner at Outback we went back to the hotel to swim.

I don't think we could have added more fun to our day. Sunday morning, Mason's actual birthday, we had cake and presents.

 He got what he wanted! A monitor to play his games on the computer. Now he'll use two. Such a spoiled boy.

It was a quick trip to Missouri but so glad we went.  It was great seeing Kinz and her family. We miss them.

The boys were excited for the trip. They enjoyed watching movies in the car, hanging out in the hotel while Brian and I transferred the furniture to our trailer, and playing with Adam.

Unfortunately we had rain. Lots and lots of rain. Geoff and Kinz wrapped the furniture well yet a few things got wet.  We had even more rain on our drive home. So more wet furniture. Everything is airing out now. I'm sure it'll be fine.

Karlee had to work so she stayed home. She started her new job on Friday. She's excited to have a job. She stayed very busy while we were gone, which was good. She said it was strange being home alone. It worked out well though. She was able to keep Stella home with her.

Friday, May 22, 2015


Yesterday,  after school,  was Mason's last Robotics club event. After the students had built their robot they competed with one another. These three boys, plus one more, built this robot together. 

Here's a closer picture. It competed very well. The one time I was able to watch it compete, it won! The goal was to put as many balls as possible on your opponents side. 

I think Mason enjoyed this club a lot. There were some days he would of rather come straight home from school but he went anyways. I'm hoping he chooses to join a club for 8th grade as well. 

Monday, May 18, 2015


I tilled the garden spot on Saturday hoping to get it planted. We ran out of daylight. 

After dinner, tonight, all the boys were out helping to plant. 

We planted carrots, peas, onions, lettuce, radishes, corn, sweet peppers, bell peppers, cucumbers,  and two tomato plants. Lots more than last year! I can't wait!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

an award

Karlee received her Young Womanhood Recognition Award today! She's worked very hard for this. We are very proud of you, Karlee!

 This was Karlee's last project. I think she did a great job! Now we need to find a frame.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

past week

I went to a bridal shower today and I didn't know the bride! I'm her mom's visiting teacher. :) I embroidered a few dish towels for her. They were fun and easy to make. Brian liked the one with the loaf of bread the most. 

I enjoyed this shower more than most. I knew a few of the women from church. It gave me an opportunity to meet new people and we had a great time. Tammy's family is fun. She has some great kids! 

I also made a couple of baby blankets. There's a few babies on the way and I'm trying to be prepared. Monica, Taliesyn, and Kylie (Josh's wife) are all expecting during the summer or fall. 

I'm getting close on my block of the month quilt. All I need is to sew these 80+ rectangles for a checkerboard border then put the back together. I can't wait!

I had to show off my run on Thursday. This is my fastest 10 mile run EVER!! By mile 9 I was done. My whole body hurt, but I didn't have much choice other run home. So I did. I still haven't signed up for another half. I really need to. I want to. 

Friday, May 15, 2015


Mason is off again for another camp out. He's super excited. This will be the first opportunity to use his Christmas gift, a jet boil!! Life is great! Especially when you have cool gadgets! 

Karlee has a summer job!! Wahoo!! She's going to be a lifeguard at one of our city pools. The pools open next weekend. The boys and I have a season pass so I'm sure we'll see her there. ;) She received her lifeguard swimsuit in the mail today. She modeled for us, whistle, visor and all. 

Carson is reading Harry Potter again. He's on book 4 and can't get enough of it.  Every conversation starts and ends with Harry Potter. One day I was feeling exasperated with more talk of Harry Potter. Carson walked away deflated and said he wouldn't tell me anymore. It broke my heart. I called him back, gave him a hug and said he didn't need to tell me everything he reads. He said he didn't. I felt like a loser! So it's back to him telling me all about Harry. He's happy and that's most important. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

more tulips

I can't get over the beauty of these tulips! This picture I have as my lock screen on my phone. These are the only tulips on the west side of the house. My favorite!!

This tree has started losing its blossoms and they are everywhere. Carson told me, "they really do look like popcorn. The centers are even yellow!"

I took this picture above today. I love how the colors were mixed up as I planted. Luck of the draw was perfect!  ;)

I had to add a couple of cuties too! I sure miss them!

McKinzie and Geoff have made an offer on a house. Wahoo!! They are so excited!  I believe they'll close the first week in June. They're not moving far from where they live now, but it's bigger and it'll be theirs!

I've been talking with Bailee a lot lately. She's doing well at school. She has a job at Subway, which she loves. She flirts with EVERY boy she meets and she's had a few dates. She's having lots of fun too!!

Karlee has lifeguard training ALL weekend for her summer job. I'm glad she'll have a job this summer. She needs the money plus something to keep her busy. 

18 days till summer! I'm ready...

Saturday, May 2, 2015

beauty all around

It has been such a beautiful day today! I love the blossoms on our tree! They smell heavenly!! It is my favorite Spring tree! And yes, I have a favorite Fall tree too. ;0)

The picture below is the view from our front yard. Trees are covered in blossoms!

Brian and I spent a couple hours, this afternoon, clearing out our front flower bed and planting 5 hydrangea bushes. Plus 9 little flowering plants along the sidewalk. The hydrangea's should have huge white clusters of blossoms. I can't wait!! We also planted a bleeding heart near the front door. 

Tonight for our date we went and hit a bucket of balls. We had fun! Usually we do a movie, which we both love. 

For Christmas I gave Brian 6 rounds of golf. I told him I'd go with him if he'd like. Well, it's finally nice enough outside to consider golfing. It was Brian's idea to go to the driving range. It was a great idea. I've never golfed. :D I hope we do this occasionally. It was that fun. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

today's excitement

This morning I ran 10 miles. There have been times I'd cut my run short because I was tired and was close to home. Today I ran 5 miles then turned around so I had to complete the 10 miles. I felt good at 5, getting sore at 6, and at 8 I didn't know if I would make it 2 more miles. I'm glad I ran the route I did so I would finish the 10 miles. 

At about mile 6 I hear geese. I look around and I'm amazed the geese are on the roof! I've never seen geese hanging out like this. Crazy birds!!

Then this afternoon I saw this!! My first EVER tulips!! I'm so excited! More are coming too!! Wahoo!!

Tonight we're taking the family to see Avengers  ~ Age of Ultron! The kids are super excited. Especially the boys!!