Tuesday, September 27, 2016

5K photos

 I received an email about our photos at the 5K.

 I loved all of them but chose only a few.

 I love how Carson is looking straight at the camera.

 This is the last turn to the finish line.

 Carson's arm pump says it all! Yeah! It's over!!

Friday, September 23, 2016

good day

Mason stayed after school three times this week for Tech Crew. He's loving it. He went to an East football game with Fischer tonight.

Carson went to Friday Live with friends. Friends are the best!

Bailee is all moved in, met her roommates and even did a little grocery shopping while we chatted. 

Karlee was able to use her umbrella today. Finally!! We had a fun visit while she was walking across campus. It didn't start out as FaceTime until my cheek initiated it. ;)

I spent the evening with my best friend, going to a movie. It's been a good day. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cross over for CJ

This is our last pack meeting...EVER!! I'm excited this is it. I'm pleased at how well our boys did in the Cub Scout program. They enjoyed every bit of it. So did I.

CJ earned his Webelos, Arrow of Light, and Religion Knot tonight. Yay!! I'm so very proud of him!

I loved their campfire. Brother Merservy is talking to the boys about the Arrow of Light. About CJ earning his Arrow of Light. We all gave him a "round of applause". 

You're awesome CJ!! Keep working hard!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bailee went home...

Bailee had an early flight this morning. We were up at 4:30 to get her to the airport. Carson had to come with us since Brian and Mason left at 5:30 for seminary. It was so early!

As I pulled into the driveway I snapped a picture of the sunrise. It was beautiful! Within 30 minutes a major storm hit. I'm so grateful Carson's bus stop was moved to across the street. I'm able to watch him catch the bus from the comfort of my home. ;) As he was waiting for the bus it was only sprinkling. 

McKinzie sent this to me today. I want to love on this boy! Look at those cheeks! I'm trying to scheme a way for me to see them next month. I might have it figured out. 

After Bailee got her car from Aunt Diane, and all her belongings from Waynette, she went down to Provo to see Karlee for a bit. I don't think she stayed long though. I hope they had fun together. I hope they try and see each other over these next few months. I won't be seeing either of these girls until Christmas. That makes me a little sad.

Before Bailee left she made these yummy pumpkin cupcakes. Luckily I had her half the recipe so I'm not the only one eating 20 cupcakes! There's only 6 left. I think I can handle that many.

Bailee made it to her home in Rexburg by 8:30. Such a long day for her. She doesn't have a job here anymore, she transferred to a Barnes and Noble in IF. When she comes here it will only be for a visit. I know this is what's next for her but I'm going to miss her.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


I didn't attend church with my family today. I had a ward conference to be at. Brian sent this picture to me before they left for church. This boy was so excited to wear his new sweater. It was 80 degrees today but he wasn't about to not wear it.
After the conference I had planned on going home and starting dinner for the family. Brian texted me that Mason was going to be set apart after church. So I headed to the Geneva building instead. He was called as the new Teacher's quorum president. He was nervous and a little excited when he was asked. This will be good for him. Planning activities and attending meetings and growing as a leader.

We ate dinner outside again. I'm loving this weather! Only a couple more days and Bailee heads back to Idaho. It will be strange having only boys home. Even more strange not having an extra driver. She will be missed.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

family 5K

Today has been a great day! We woke up early, they didn't like that part, to run a 5K. It was a 50 minute drive to Keller Farms in Oswego. Last night Bailee decided we needed matching shirts. She found these at Walmart for $5. Perfect!

Here's the start of the race. I quickly took a selfie with our crew.

Our chip times were:

Alison: 29:50.4, 5th of 296 40-49 yr old women
Bailee:  37:14.7, 11th of 430 20-29 yr old women
Mason:  41:26.5, 10th of 40 10-19 yr old men
Carson:  44:28.3, 14th of 40 10-19 yr old men

There were 1885 participants. Brian decided last minute to walk the 5K so he didn't have a chip to time him.

Our selfie after the race! Then someone offered to take our picture. I loved running with them! Even though we didn't really run together I enjoyed being together for this race. I loved running through the corn fields too!
The boys loved climbing on these...forts afterwards.

Mason could have stayed with this horse all day.
We then spent time in the corn maze. They had three different mazes/maps. Mason was great at navigating.

The sun was too bright at times. The corn fields seem endless.
When we arrived home we did chores. Brian washed his truck. Man he has a nice truck! Bailee went to work and Mason went to a Stake Youth Fireside. We played a few hands of hand and foot and enjoyed tacos on the deck for dinner. Such a beautiful day!

McKinzie sent this picture to me yesterday. They had found a notebook in their desk at home and Adam quickly claimed it. I love what he wrote on the cover, Warning do not scribble scrabble in this book. He's such a smartie!! We sure miss them all!

I then snagged this picture off Facebook today. Here's Miranda, Cassidy, Karlee and Sydney. All former St. Charles Ward girls. I'm sure they'll have a blast tonight at BYU's first home football game of the season. I love them all and miss Karlee the most!

Monday, September 12, 2016

our birthday boy

Happy, happy birthday CJ!! Last night he said to me he has never wished a weekend to go fast as he had this one. He was so excited for his 11th birthday. 

Everything about the day was great! From Bailee making chocolate chip pancakes for him (She made them for the boys while I was in Utah with Karlee. They loved them.) to having lunch with Bailee at school! I was working the lunch room while Bailee sat and had lunch with him. (Again, all the kids were surprised at how much Bailee looks like me. It was funny.)

I was able to get this cake made and decorated before he got home from school. Three layers of chocolaty goodness!

We had his birthday dinner at Chili's, a family favorite. I had back to school night at his school before we were able to have presents and cake. 
Brian gave him clues for a little scavenger  hunt for his presents. He loved it! He now has a cool chest like Harry!

All of his presents were related to Harry. They were perfect!

After he blew out his candles one was left. Bailee said he had one girlfriend. He said, "One is all I need!"
11 things about CJ:
• his all time favorite is fluff, it's in his pocket every day 
• he loves learning 
• he's kind and respectful to everyone 
• he loves Harry Potter almost as much as fluff
• being an actor is his dream
• enjoys writing stories 
• he's an awesome uncle
• he still loves to dress up to watch his movies 
• he devours books 
• his room is very organized
• another favorite is jazz hands 

Im so glad you're a part of our family. You bring so much joy to us. I love you CJ!! Happy birthday!!