Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Handsome boys

It's red ribbon week for Adam and today it's "I'm too smart to do drugs." He's so dang cute! Kinzie things he's a nerd sometimes. I think he's perfect! I love the tape on his glasses.

Then there's this boy. Ever since I bought him his last part of tan pants he told me he wanted a suit. Well, his tan pats are too short. He looks pretty sharp in his new suit. I cut his hair tonight too (after this I took his picture). He's going to look pretty snazzy Sunday.

Exciting weekend

Thursday McKinzie sent this to me and said that maybe he'll be Tommy from Rugrats for Halloween. With his smile and so little hair he looks just like Tommy! I think she should do it. 

Friday I made sugar cookies for the school's carnival on Saturday. I really enjoy making sugar cookies. I don't make them very often here since I can't take the them to class parties. They have so many restrictions for class parties. 

CJ had fun at the carnival. He went through the haunted hall with friends and tried all the games while I helped out with the food. When it was time to go his friends kept giving us their last few tickets. We used them on the cake walk and I won! We brought home some hot chocolate cookies. They were yummy!

Karlee went to Rexburg for the weekend to see Bailee. I'm so glad they enjoy spending time together. I'm glad Bailee took her to the temple too. Karlee hasn't been since she started school. I want her to know the peace the temple can give her. They went to see Gramdma and Grandpa too!

Saturday was a big day! Karlee hanging out with Bailee, CJ's carnival and Mason went to his first Stake dance and he loved it!! He danced with a handful of girls, most he already knew. He can't wait for the next one now.
When I made the frosting Friday I used two egg yolks, so I had two eggs whites left over. I saved them and made divinity on Sunday. I've only made divinity once or twice. It turned out perfect. It were so good! Brian isn't a fan. Mason tried it and doesn't care for it. Carson likes it though. I'm glad he'll help me eat it. I did give some away to one of my visiting teaching sisters. But I've still had more than I should that's for sure. 

Another picture of my favorite tree! It's been overcast all day and rainy this evening. It's feeling like fall around here. I'm trying to be ok with it but I don't think I'm ready for the cold.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

80 degrees!

I attended the temple this morning and thoroughly enjoyed my drive. And the temperature was perfect! I really hope our nice weather will hold out until Halloween. I would love if it wasn't freezing for trick or treating. 

The temple was peaceful as usual. I really enjoy going during the day and I don't mind going by myself. Is that bad? Sometimes small talk is overrated. I had to laugh with I listened to Karlee's voicemail when I got out. "It's 11:00 on a Tuesday. Why is your phone off?!" Then a text came in and it read, "Enjoy the temple." She remembered the only time I turn off my phone is when I attend the temple. I called her back and she was at devotional. We caught up with each other eventually. 

When I got home the dogs and I went out to play/roam. I was feeling bad since they were in their crates all evening yesterday then all morning and part of the afternoon while I was at the temple. So we went out to play in the yard. The two dogs ran, dug, smelled, roamed, and Stella rolled around in who knows what. It was nice to be out on such a beautiful day. I know those days are numbered. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

puppies and bulls

Today was absolutely beautiful. I'm loving all the fall leaves. I took this picture during recess.

Murray is loving the leaves as well. Every time I take him out he picks one up. Today he tried to bring one in the house.

We went to a Bulls game! Our Stake received bulk tickets from someone so we went for free. It was the first professional basketball game these boys have been to.

Then they got these pink things, noise makers, and they went crazy.

The game went in to overtime and we lost by 4. We all loved it. We'll need to do this again for sure.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

another trunk or treat for the books

Of course he's Harry Potter...

Our decorated trunk. Super easy, only 99 cents.

Mason and Brian
Carson and Hayden. Which one is the real Harry Potter?? I vote for the one in red.

Such a beautiful evening. No jackets needed!! And the trees are amazing!

Carson, Gwen, and Hayden. These are Carson's people at church.
Mason and Ficher


This is how we honored Geoff's 30th birthday, on the 15th. He will always be our Superman! I'm thinking every year we should wear Superman shirts.

McKinzie wore Grateful Dead the day before since it was too hot on his birthday. 

Overall I think McKinzie and her kids had a fun filled day. They did all things Crae. For food they had french toast, tacos and Razzoo's (all my favorites too). They went to a movie and Michael gave Retta and Adam a ride on Geoff's Harley. They even had cake and sang happy birthday. I think singing would have been hard. 

It's still hard to believe he's been gone 4 months, on Monday. Everyday I see our family picture on the wall and I'm so grateful I followed through and had family pictures done last May when Karlee graduated. I almost dropped it since I was having a difficult time finding someone with reasonable prices. It truly was inspired.