Thursday, August 25, 2016

growing up

Over 7100 freshmen at orientation today. Somewhere in that crowd is Karlee. Not sure where. 

We had a busy, full day of information. I enjoyed the classes I went to. I hope I can relay the information to Karlee to help her with this transition. Change is hard and I'm sure there will be days when Karlee won't want to do this. But she will and I know it will get easier. 

Here she is with her roommate Lauren. They look like they're having fun. That's a good sign. 

CJ and Brian went to pack meeting tonight. He earned his scouting adventure, cyber chip, and... I don't remember the rest. I think he earned 4 or 5. Next pack meeting he'll cross over to Boy Scouts. He's very excited for that. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Today was the first day of school for the boys. Mason also started seminary today so Brian took him to his first day of high school. I'm soo glad Brian took a picture of him. He looks great but he was nervous. 

CJ was just plain excited! Bailee took him to school for me. 

Both the boys had a good day. Mason ended up having homework in a few classes. CJ decided his teacher is going to be fun. She likes Harry Potter too! 

Today Karlee and I spent the day moving her in. It was a long day! I think it all turned out great! Her roommate Lauren seems very nice. I hope they really connect. It's more fun to room with a good friend. 

Karlee is staying at her dorm tonight. She's not looking forward to me leaving though. I hope she starts to feel better soon. I'm going home Saturday. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

first grade

This most handsome boy started first grade today. I can't believe he's old enough! I'm loving his new glasses. He looks so much like Geoff. 

Retta had to get in on the fun too. Such cute kids! 

Yesterday Karlee and I started our drive to BYU. Within 45 minutes we were in our groove. Karlee coloring and me listening to a book. It was an enjoyable drive. 

I loved all the cornfields and clouds. Karlee drove for a couple hours so I could take a nap. She was surprised at how boring it was. Go figure. We stayed the night in Cheynne. 

We arrived at Waynette's this afternoon. The first thing we did was go out and feed her chickens some bread. Colette taught them to jump. I love it! 

Tomorrow we'll head down to BYU to deliver all the boxes we brought for our friends, check out a few things around campus and just be excited. Wednesday is move in day. So close! 

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Today was Mason's orientation for high school. He didn't want to go. I kept telling him it would help him not be as nervous the first day of school if he went. He wasn't buying it. He didn't want to go. 

Karlee picked him up afterwards and she made sure I knew how Mason felt when he got in the car. He said, "I'm excited for homecoming and going to North!" He came home in the best mood smiling from ear to ear. He kept trying to hide it but he couldn't. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

clouds and kids

It was a beautiful day for a run this morning. It stayed overcast for my 4 mile run which was wonderful. Most of the day has been mild with a chance of rain all evening. 

CJ had his first day of band this morning. He brought home a beautiful trumpet which he loves! He played it as loud as he could and Stella went crazy. 

Bailee and Cara spent the day in the city. It sounds like they've had a great day. Tomorrow is her last full day. We'll be getting deep dish pizza for dinner. We can't wait. 

McKinzie went to a hearing in New Mexico today. Michael went with her. McKinzie said he saw the man in the hall beforehand and he looked scared. He should be scared. His bond was set at $100,000. He's not allowed to drive. He can work only 5 days a week and has to be home by 6 on those days. He is on soberlink which tracks if he has any alcohol in his system. The next hearing is in February. Overall I think the hearing went well. Afterwards McKinzie and Michael went to clean out the Forerunner. They found Geoff's other shoe and his glasses. McKinzie REALLY wanted to find those items. One more thing she can check off her list. 
After dinner Brian hurried out to mow before the storm hit. He was able to finish with only had a few sprinkles. The clouds never let loose. I do believe later tonight it could storm though. I just hope it's finished before my morning run. CJ said he wanted to join me for a mile. That will be nice. 

This was suppose to publish on Monday. Not sure why it didn't. CJ didn't run with me after all. Sleep was more tempting. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

two birthday surprises

Many weeks ago I found a Harry Potter scavenger hunt in Chicago. I checked dates and we didn't have a conflict so I booked it for Carson. Today was the day. As we drove in these three challenged each other with Harry Potter trivia. It was fun to hear their laughter. 

We had an hour and a half to answer 21 questions from ALL over the Art Institute of Chicago. Below we are looking into a miniature room that looked like a dining hall from the movie trying to count dogs  in the painting on the wall. It was tiny and so cute!

The hunt was more difficult than we imagined. There were a few times we weren't sure of what they were asking. We tried our best and we ended up getting 2nd place. CJ was a little discouraged. Luckily they gave all the kids a medal. That made it all better. Our team name was Wizit's, Wizards in Training. Brian thought of the name, we all loved it. 

I love many things about this city. 

Then we took Karlee to eat at a place she has been wanting to go for over a month. We were told an hour wait. It ended bring an hour and a half. Plus he never took down names. What's with that?! We all waited together. 

Man was it good!! It's a pot pie pizza! So worth the wait. 

We ended the day with ice cream. I hope they both feel a little special. I love my family so much!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

teeth & tomatoes

She got permanent teeth today!! We weren't sure if she would have more temps. We were happily surprised!!

As soon as we left she ate gum. This afternoon she ate gummy worms. She's loving the feel of strong teeth. 

Look at these cute little tools he used. So tiny!

This afternoon we had our Stake A-Days pool party. When we started it was above 90 and hot. Around 3:30 it became overcast and even sprinkled a little. The weather was great! We had about 35 girls. We originally had it scheduled for the middle of June but rescheduled due to stormy weather. Considering families were still on vacation we had a good turn out. 

I can't believe I have more tomatoes!! It's only been a few days since I picked last. Promise! I also can't believe how big a few of those cucumbers are. I better search better so I don't miss them and they turn into zucchini.