Saturday, December 28, 2013

driving driving driving

Our drive went extremely well. We brought Stella with us and weren't looking forward to the drive with her.  She's high maintenance and we didn't know anyone well enough to leave her in Illinois. She didn't bark or whimper at all. When it was time to do her business she was fairly quick. The kids got tired of her stepping on them and trying to lick their faces.  She never bothered me. ;-)
Nebraska ended up being the stinkiest place I've been. We couldn't see a thing but we could smell the animals the entire drive. 

After Hoback Junction we came across mountain goats on the road. I was amazed at all their hair. There was also a baby. 

I'm glad we made is safely. It ended up being about the same length as our drive from Texas.  23 hours LONG!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

off to college

I wasn't sure we would leave on schedule today, everybody slept in till 8:30. Brian wanted all the luggage in the garage by 11:30 and Bailee was the only one that had started packing. Only because she's moving to go to college. 

When we were ready, on schedule, we couldn't find the cats. Our plan was to leave them in the garage. We have a heater that will keep them comfortable. I just don't trust them in the house. One of them is struggling with the move, I'm sure it's Cali. She's our diva. 

After everyone had searched the house we still hadn't found Oscar. I suggested we gather to have a prayer. Afterwards we all went off in different directions searching. Brian found him in our room under our waterbed under the center part where storage is.  I'm so grateful he felt inspired to look where we have never looked before. 

We've never been so full. I hope Bailee remembered all she needs. She's getting nervous. Me too. 

Our drive through Iowa has been beautiful! Usually our first 8 hours of our drive, trying to get out of Texas, is not so pretty. 

There have been some picturesque areas. I've taken more pictures than I dare count of this sunset. But I captured a few keepers. :0)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas excitement

The boys were up at 6:15, but were sleeping in the basement so no one knew they were awake.  (They couldn't come upstairs until everyone was up.)Brian and I woke up around 7 so they didn't have to wait too long.

 I love the excitement on their faces!

 Karlee gave Brian cake & dip.  On the cake it says "dip to come".  It's one of his favorite cakes that I've never made.  When Karlee made it later in the day, he said it tasted the same as when his mom would make it.  
I love the artwork on Carson's wrapping paper.  He made this at school.
He made this super cute snowman too!!

 Karlee got authentic cowboy boots from Texas!!

Adam is spending Christmas week with his dad.  Luckily we were able to face time with him.  He showed us all his cool toys he got for Christmas.

Then later we face timed with McKinzie and Retta!
 Then we played in the snow!

 If you weren't careful the sled would go right under this huge pine tree, where Carson is.  There were a couple of times I was able to control it and go to the right of it up onto our neighbors driveway. So much fun!

Here is Brian late Christmas Eve.  Luckily we have a heater in the garage which helped him not freeze to death.

christmas eve

Normally we eat in the formal dinning room for special occasions.  We didn't for Thanksgiving for two reasons.  I hadn't found the linens yet and the silver wasn't polished.  Everything came together beautifully for Christmas Eve though.  Karlee set the table and did an amazing job.

The china is Moms and the silver and glass bowls are Grandma Steels.  The only eye sore was the pitcher, Tupperware.  Karlee wouldn't allow it on the table when pictures were taken.  I guess that's something my kids need to get me.  That and crystal glasses would be great! (hint, hint)  
After lunch Bailee went to work.  No fun but that's life as an adult.   The rest of the kids really wanted to try ice skating.  Our city has three outdoor parks/rinks they maintain.  Two for ice skating, one for ice hockey.  It was a clear, calm afternoon.  Only 10 degrees but no wind so it was doable. We stayed for over an hour, until Brian and I were too cold to watch and encourage anymore.

By the end they were all doing great.  They were able to skate in a circle and stop without falling.  I should share that Karlee didn't fall the entire time.  She's very proud of that fact. 

Once it got dark enough we went to see some Christmas lights at Mooseheart. One area had a light show.

Then this light tunnel at the end was pretty cool! After lights we went home to read the story of Christ's birth then the boys went to bed.  They've been sleeping all week in the basement on an air mattress.  It's so much darker down there that they've been sleeping in every morning.