Wednesday, September 30, 2015

my birthday

Today I turned 45! Can you believe it?! I can't! Some days I feel my age but most days I don't. Karlee suprised me with post its this morning! She's been surprising me all week. I've found 5 then lost one in my purse. She tells me there's another somewhere in my room. I'm not sure I believe her. It's been fun being surpised with a new clever note all week.

Today has been a roller coaster kind of day. I was able to run early so I could meet a friend for a pedicure. I was really looking forward to it. A few minutes before I was to leave Karlee calls to tell me her car just died! As she was driving down 38! Off I went to get her to school. I ended up not meeting my friend since I now needed to be available for when Brian could help get the car. I was suprised at how dissapointed I was.

I started cinnamon rolls (instead of cake) then decided to run a couple errands while I waited for his call. My drive down Burr then Dean did not dissapoint. It doesn't matter what the season is I LOVE that drive!!

We were able to drive the car to the shop. By the time we got there the engine was smoking...bad. We found out it needs a new engine. Karlee's cute convertible will not be resurrected. We might as well buy another car for the cost of putting a new/salvaged engine in. She's very are we. UGH!! I don't want to go car shopping!!

So this has been my day. Not so good! Mason had church at 6. He felt bad we weren't doing anything special today. I told him that's life sometimes. Deep down I felt bad too. 

When we got home at 7:30 I frosted the cinnamon rolls and I opened presents. THIS was the best part of my day! All of us sitting together laughing. Because of that moment my day was great! I sure love my family! They are the BEST!! Brian gave me a fitbit (even though I told him not to). ;) McKinzie gave me a super cute snowman. Really, he's cute! Bailee made me a few dishclothes and a loofah! Karlee gave me some treats, plus all those post it notes. Mason gave me a card that I can redeem for a day of him doing "whatever" I want. Wahoo! I can't wait! Carson gave me a super cute letter telling me how great I am. And Julie made me the cutest snowman table runner! I'm so easy to buy for. :D

Happy birthday to me!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


This is what Bailee and I picked last night. Even if only half ripen it'll be worth it!! I love tomatoes!! There's a couple peppers in there too. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

most favorite

My most favorite tree is starting to turn! I'm soo excited! This September has been the best September ever!! Seriously! The temperatures have been warm most days and cool in the mornings while I run. I wish every September would be this amazing! 

Tomorrow is suppose to have a high in the low 60s. I'm planning soup! I pulled up all the onions today. I still need to bring in the green tomatoes and hopefully most of them will ripen. 

I love our garden! I love this weather! I'm even ready for it to get cold, I think. I love watching all these beautiful trees as the leaves turn. Yay for Fall!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday excitement

Church today was exciting to say the least. We had finished with the Sacrement and there was an odor similar to when the furnace turns on for the first time. Nate J went to take a look. We had about four testimonies when the odor became worse and you could see the air becoming smoky. 

People were becoming nervous and started rustling in their seats. Bishop stood and told everyone to leave the building. Shortly, after we all got outside, the fire alarm went off. 
When we heard the sirens and the fire truck arrived everyone wanted to stick around to see what would happen. In the end they didn't really find anything. They turned off the power and cancelled seminary on Monday. I think the plan is to have the building checked tomorrow. 

We didn't stay. We left by 12 and headed home. I'm grateful it was minor and everyone is safe. It's been a nice day at home. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

pit stop ~ SLC ~ Winter Quarters

On our way home from the family reunion we stayed a few nights with Waynette in Salt Lake.

On Monday we had a tour of BYU. The first time on campus for all of us. We were impressed. I didn't realize the campus was right up next to the mountains. It was beautiful! We ate lunch at the creamery, ice cream too. We got a little silly doing some slow-motion videos. We had fun!

Tuesday, Bailee's BFF, Brooke, got married in the Salt Lake Temple. The reception that night was so nice. Bailee loved the setting. I knew she would.

The main reason we stopped in Salt Lake was due to these two events. I'm grateful it all worked out.

Plus, we saw MORE temples!!! 

 The sky was absolutely beautiful that day!! I love the clouds!

 The Jordan River Temple was breathtaking in person. I never realized it was so huge!!

 These three have never seen the Conference Center or Temple Square. It was fun to show them around. (I forgot to change my white balance when we went back outside.)

Waynette was trying to be funny and started taking pictures of our nostrils. I don't think I gave my camera back to her after that. ;-)

 I'm so glad Waynette took the day off to spend with us.

We also stopped for the night in Nebraska and visited Winter Quarters before we went home. We did a lot of sightseeing on this trip!

homecoming week

This is Karlee's favorite week at school. She loves dressing up for themed days.

Pink & Gray
Seniors wear red

Spirit Day
All the clubs decorate a window on Main. Karlee helped with this window. She told me she painted the ambulance. 
She also drove her convertible in the parade with a Royalty couple.  Not many people can say they've done that. :D
All three kids ended up going to the game Friday night. Carson went with Grant and his family and Mason went with Karlee hoping to hang with friends.  Mason's plans didn't work out very well but he ended up staying till 9:30 before Bailee went to pick him up.
Karlee decided not to go to the dance. She's not a fan of how the kids dance these days. She was thinking about going bowling with friends then she realized that tonight was the Women's Broadcast so she came with me to the Stake Center. The evening turned out well. We both had a great time together.  Bailee ended up working so it was just the two of us.

never too many trees

This morning we helped plant over 600 trees at our local nature preserve. Mason needed service hours for his next advancement in scouts and this was a perfect opportunity. We ended up helping for an hour and a half. 

After the tree planting we spread seed fertilizer for the windflowers in the Spring.   It was an absolutely beautiful day!! This whole month of September has been amazing!! We just might be okay once the weather turns cold. The kids are starting to get excited at the thought of snow. I'll too.