Thursday, February 26, 2015

blue & gold

All the cub scouts were asked to make a cake for pack meeting. The theme was puppets. So Carson become a puppet!

I filled the large cupcake with Oreos and cream. Yummy!!

All these boys received tropheys for participating in the pinewood derby. The boys loved it!

Carson received three beads towards his advancement for Bear tonight. Only one more bead! 

These are the puppets Carson made. He had fun!


This past week I did a little sewing. I embroidered "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" on pillowcases for Josh & Kylie's wedding. I didn't know what their accent colors were so I did it in a color close to the pillowcase to not take away from the bedding. I hope they like it. 

I also made this dishcloth for Ruth for her birthday. She loves tulips! I love my sewing/embroidery machine! I miss my friends in Texas...

crazy hair day

Carson could not wait for today!! He was so excited to to go all out. 

On a side note we got a couple inches of snow last night. It sure made everything pretty again. But I'm on the countdown for spring break. I need some warmth!!
Today was also boat day. He, with help, had to construct a boat that was 3 1/2 x 5" for class. 

They decided to melt crayons and pour it over a foil covered mini bread pan. 

Our test run floated! 

Carson's boat held 421 grams of weight! The most in his class!! Yay Carson!!

more patches

Last night at the court of honor Mason received a patch for attending two campouts that the temperatures were below 30. One of those was at 17 degrees. Burr!!!

He also received two ice cube beads representing the requirements for winter camping. His leader stated that these boys were capable to survive overnight in below freezing temps. Mason grinned and shook his head. He doesn't think he could do it. I'm sure the thought of it overwhelms him but I bet if it came down to it he could do it. Way to go Mason!! 

Here are the boys in his troop. They are showing off their number 5. They are now a new troop, number 500!

Saturday, February 21, 2015


A friend of Karlees told her to show up at the Stake Center this morning. She did and she was asked to Mormon Prom!!! Wahoo!!

His name is Gaby and he's in the Naper 4th Ward. 

Her basketball game wasn't for another two hours so we went dress shopping. At 11 she was asked to prom and by 12:30 she had a date, dress, shoes, and earrings!! We've never had so much success in such a short time. Now we just need to order the boutonnière. 

Tonight she's at a school dance working her magic hoping to get asked to school Prom. :D

Friday, February 20, 2015

more cold

Thursday we had more cold. When the boys left for school it was -29 with the windchill. To be honest I was surprised school wasn't closed. Luckily the sun was out and it warmed up the house while I worked on filing. 

Today was more cold. In fact that's all there is in the forcast. Cold, cold, cold. 

her favorite week yet

Karlee has always enjoyed dressing up plus we all know she loves attention. This week is her favorite!! Spirit week, theme week, whatever you want to call it she has ROCKED this week!

No school on Monday, so Tuesday was "mismatched" day. This day just about killed her. She often spends a couple hours everyday deciding on what she's going to wear. No joke! She was so nervous about what she chose she woke me up before seminary telling me how nervous she was. Crazy girl! She ALWAYS looks great!! In fact her sisters get irritated with her because she ALWAYS looks great!

Wednesday was "Superhero" day.

Thursday "generation" day. btw-the sweater and skirt are mine. 

Thursday, right after school she started to work on her tutu for Friday. Spirit day!!

There was one other boy dressed up for Spirit day, her friend Michael. She was a little bummed there wasn't more participation.  Oh well, she had fun! Go Karlee!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

full of surprises

I had my alarm set for 7:30 this morning. At about 7:10 I was woken up by noise in the kitchen. I wondered if it was perhaps Karlee or Carson. When I came down I found a notecard on the table. It read, table set by: Carson 
dishwasher emptied by: Carson
I guess he wanted to make sure he got credit. 

This afternoon I attended Geneva Ward for their Ward conference. When I arrived home, at 4:30, Brian and Karlee had dinner for me. They made onion strings, Cajun potatoes, and ground streak. So yummy!! 

Then Karlee and Carson made chocolate covered strawberries for our treat after FHE. The three of us devoured them quickly. 

Our Bishop has asked everyone to read the Book of Mormon this year. Carson started reading early January and he's still on track. He wants to read EVERY word himself. Brian started reading a couple weeks ago and Karlee plans on reading over the summer. Mason and I started reading together today. Our plan is to try and read every/most evenings. I'm excited we're all planning to finish it this year. I know it will help our family and testimonies grow stronger. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Today has been such a great day! Brian and I decided to take the family out for breakfast. IHOP of course! I love how the boys brought books in to help pass the time. It's much better than electronics!

The boys ordered chocolate chip, chocolate pancakes. Karlee had New York cream cheese pancakes with strawberries, one of my favorites. I tried something new, the criss cross croissants with strawberry and rhubarb. YUM!! Plus one of Karlee's pancakes. Brian had buttermilk pancakes with boysenberry syrup, always boysenberry, with eggs and hashbrowns. We ALL love IHOP!!

We had such a great time! As I was taking the picture of Brian and Karlee, Carson told a joke. 

Why can't you hear a Pterodactyl go to the bathroom?  The "P" is silent!! haha

After breakfast Karlee had a basketball game. They've played three games so far and we are still undefeated!! It's been fun to watch them play. 
Last week I made these cute gumball machines. They were super easy. I love how they turned out. I found this idea on Pinterest. I sent the red one to Adam and Retta. Adam was wishing it really worked. That would be cool! I personslized these three to match Karlee, Mason, and Carson's rooms. 

This afternoon I made some salted caramel popcorn to give to the Primary Presidency at Ward Conference tomorrow. I wanted some cute saying to go on a card. Brian came up with this:
When your calling in Primary makes you feel like "popping" rely on the Spirit and your presidency to "caramel you all together".  He's so creative!! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

date night

Our District music/string teachers put on a concert tonight for their string students. Carson really wanted to go. So we went on a date. It was fun!! He enjoyed everything about it. I thought he'd get bored but he stayed engaged and loved to watch/hear his teachers play. Thanks for the fun night!!

another class party

Today was Carson's class party. I made sugar cookies for the kids to decorate during the party. Plus a few extra for us.  

Half the class played a couple relays, moving marshmallows with chopsticks, while the other half decorated cookies. 

The day is all about hearts! Do you see the plate full of sprinkles? That's Carson's cookie under those sprinkles. He got a little carried away. 

While they ate we played a few games of bingo. Fun was had by all!!

early valentines date

A few weeks ago I found out Brian Regan would be in the area. So I got tickets!! I was concerned about it being a work/school night but I knew my Brian would love it! 

I laughed so hard my side hurt! Brian was crying!! It was a great show!! 

It let out at 9:30 and we were starved!! We were surprised to find many restaurants closed. We didn't want fast food either. We decided to eat at TGIFridays. We've eaten there before but it's never "hey, let's eat at TGI!" But last night it hit the spot!! We had a great night! We didn't get to bed till midnight. Super late for a school day.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

events of the day

This morning was the 7th grade recognition assembly/breakfast for A/B honor roll. Way to go Mason!! He was excited to get a second donut before going to class. I love the hurricane on the back wall. 

After I dropped Carson off at school I ran a few errands. I then went home to make Valentines! It's hard to believe that these black hearts could make such cute Valentines. 

I love how they turned out! I especially like the way Carson personalized these for his teachers. 

Tonight was the 3rd grade music program. They all sounded great! Carson played the ukulele for one of the songs. The whole thing lasted about 30 mins. 

Since it was Carson, Brian and myself we went and got a blizzard and fries to celebrate. It hit the spot!!