Saturday, November 29, 2014

family time

We had fun scheduled in downtown St. Charles today. First we watched the Polar Express at the Arcada Theatre for FREE!! With it bring free we arrived over an hour early to make sure we got the best seats in the house...legroom!

After the movie we went and found some food. With it being small business Saturday we ate at a local grill, The Beehive.

Then we went and had a free sleigh ride! The boys made friends with these two cute kids. Carson ended up sitting with them. 

Before we headed out to the electric parade Karlee made us all hot chocolate to keep us warm. We were soo grateful it was around 40 degrees. It could have been so much colder. 

The parade was fun!! These two were my favorite. There were a lot of floats with cub scouts and Girl Scouts. Both high schools had their bands march, they both sounded great!

I love these little trees that line the streets on the light poles. They are REAL trees! I'm sure it's a lot of work to put up every year. 

These activities were a first time for us. Everyone said they had fun. The day was a success!

Friday, November 28, 2014

so much talent

Brian finished the blanket this morning. I love it!! I'm so very grateful to his mom for teaching him how to crochet. I know he enjoys it as well. 

Now I need to find another pattern for him. =0)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

This was my view as we went around the table sharing what we're thankful for. 

❤️I sure love my family!!❤️

I'm glad we like living in Illinois. It's been a long and not so fun journey at times, but we like it. Some days we love it! I'm so grateful for our smart, fun, independent, honest, loving children. 

We miss McKinzie and her family very much! I'm not sure when they'll be here for Christmas but it's looking like 23 days and we get to see them! My fingers are crossed. 

I'm so grateful for Brian. These past few years it's been a little rocky at times (ok, very rocky). But we're good!! It feels good!! He truly is my best friend! I'm glad he never gave up on me, on us. I love you Babe!!

Dinner was super yummy!! Carson wanted to try the drumstick. I was a little surprised he cleaned it to the bone! 🍗 Bailee decided to try the candied yams for the first time...she loved it!! Why do they think I eat gross food? Crazy kids!! Maybe one by one they'll learn to like it. 

Give us a few more hours and it'll be time for pie!! I'll admit, I'm a little excited!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

making and baking

Busy making all kinds of things around here today!

Brian actually started this blanket maybe two years ago. It's one of Moms kits. He's been working on this all week. I love how it's looking!! 

Both girls made their pies today. Bailee's picture is pre-baked. ;) I made candied yams tonight as well. They're always better the second day. Just thinking about them is making mouth water. 

Last night I started and finished block 3 in my quilt of the month quilt. Below is block two. 

Here's my block one. It's been fun! Only 9 more to go, plus put together, free motion quilt, then bind. Lots more work. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The kids are out of school for the entire week for Thanksgiving. I love it!! With this school district they have parent/teacher conferences on Monday and Tuesday. Monday was full of appointments for me. 

In the morning the boys and I went and met with their teachers. Of course, ALL I heard was how smart they are! :D Yes, there is still room for improvement. But their teachers enjoy having them in class. They usually stay on task. They both are always prepared and have their homework finished.  All good news! Afterwards, we went and had a donut. (That was my bribery so they would come with me.) 

Karlee's parent/teacher conference was in the afternoon. After the first teacher I asked Karlee if we came just so she could get a pat on the back from her teachers? She smiles, maybe...

There was a bit of good information we learned from the meetings but mostly praise. :0) I will admit its nice to hear others talk so positively about your own children. They are all smarties!!

The rest of the day was all about groceries and laundry. A typical Monday. 

Today we're off to a matinee with the family, "Big Hero 6". A few of us have already seen it. It's super cute. I know I'll enjoy watching it again. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

hard day at work

The temperature today was mid 40s. Probably the last day above freezing for awhile. I was hopeful to get Christmas lights up before the cold hits again next week.   

We did it!! We put lights up around the garage, the back deck and one tree in the back. I love it!! I'll probably put some net lights up on a few shrubs and call it good. I also put the wreaths up on a few windows and the outside is decorated!

We also cleaned and reorganized the garage. Brian is already tired of scraping his windows every morning. I don't blame him. Now he can park in the garage. 

There was more to do but we called it good. We're tired and I'm cold. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

first snow

This morning we woke up to our first snow! I think everyone was excited, well maybe not Brian. 

We'll start using our Holiday dishes now, that makes me smile. Also, the boys wore their Christmas ties to church today! 

I've spent the morning at a ward conference then went to the Spanish Ward for their Primary program. I've been enjoying my calling in the Stake. It's a little time consuming in the Fall with all the Primary programs and ward conferences.  But I love listening to the children. I love the song, "The Family is of God". It's new for the program this year.

When I got home Brian had a hot meal for me, fire going to warm me up and then he sat and visited with me while I ate. I sure do love him!! 

It's been a good Sabbath!!

Friday, November 14, 2014


Last Friday I spent about an hour and a half cleaning out beds and planting 60 bulbs. The temp was low 40s. Chilly but nothing like today which is high teens. 

I've never planted bulbs before. Surprising, I know! I hope they all come up in the spring. I planted a few around a couple trees in the front yard but most are by the driveway/backdoor. By the end I dug a large area with a large shovel and planted 6 or so together. I grew tired of digging a small hole for each bulb. :-)

I'm ready Spring!! Hurry, hurry!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

love my kitchen!

I don't think I shared my new kitchen on here. I love it!! I love the granite! I love the double oven! I love the backsplash that Brian installed!! I love the pendant lights! (They were a surprise.) I love the custom cabinets! I love everything!!

Shortly after we moved in I realized my least favorite part of the house was the kitchen. (We only saw the house once before we bought it, mixed in with a dozen other houses.) We knew the kitchen would need some remodeling when it came time to sell. We decided to do the updates now so we could enjoy the investment. I'm so glad we did it now. 

We still have a little painting to do. Plus Brian is going to change the ceiling fan that's over the table so it matches the new lights. =) 

Love it!!


This past week was the recognition breakfast for A/B Honor Roll. The best part for Mason is the donut before school. His toughest class this year is Language Arts, but he still made the honor roll. Keep working hard!

The 8th grade orchestra played and both Mason and Carson were impressed as they considered the possibility of Carson being out there one day. I hope he continues to play the viola. I love listening to him practice. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014


We brought Oscar home on September 13, 2010 for Karlee. He has always been a playful kitty. We fell in love with him immediately.
He wasn't sure what to think about Stella.

He was quick to play with Adam then shortly with Stella.

He has such a cute personality. He would snuggle with anyone.

These two became fast friends and shared everything.


This two pictures were taken on our drive to Illinois.  He traveled very well. Usually close to me.

On November 8, 2014 Oscar went to heaven...

Saturday, early afternoon, I got a call from a neighbor asking if Oscar was home. They had seen a cat on the side of the road that looked like Oscar but he didn't have a collar so they weren't sure.

Brian and I looked through the house, no Oscar.  We headed to the street.  A cat was laying on the other side of the road and I didn't dare go look.  I knew it was him.

Brian went and picked him up, he was still warm.  We were sick!! Our neighbors shared a few tears with us. We now had to go tell the kids. That sucked!!

We miss him so much. We all know it's a part of life. He was only 4 years old though. He was loving life here with all the mice he could want. Our neighbors across the street even bought a few treats for him whenever he went over, which was daily. He'll be missed by many.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


The day started off with snow. Really?! Snow on Halloween?! Just 5 days earlier is was 80 degrees. Oh well, what can you do? The boys were loving it!

By the time Carson left on the bus blue skies were trying show. I ended up driving Carson to the bus stop. The temp was 27 with the windchill. Winter is here!

The kids can dress up here for Halloween. Mason went as a Rangers fan. Now this is his kind of dressing up! A t-shirt and baseball cap. Karlee went as a witch, and easy fallback.

In the morning I was able to help out in class with some science experiments. I helped with volcanoes while a dad helped with fossils.
Let the party begin!! I'm the room mom this year.  I've had three other moms that have been great with ideas for this party.
We have Marta, Carson, Parth, Grant (in green), and Gabe in front.
Carson is "Agent C" from Men in Black.


 This witch pitch game was harder than I expected.  Carson said it was fun, it gave him a challenge. He did, finally, get the candy corn in the cauldron.
 Here's the whole gang! Of course, we did a crazy picture too!

Wyatt and Carson walked around the neighborhood at 4:30.  It took them about an hour and they came home with a lot of candy.

We went to a few more homes on the other side of the street while we waited for Brian to get home from work. The sunset was amazing!

Then these two went door to door for the next 45 minutes till we treat or treated into Wyatt! We were shocked! He joined us for a few blocks. Once we were completely numb we went to Chili's for dinner. If felt so good to be indoors again. Brrr...
These boys sure did bring home a load of candy.  Now they get to share. :D