Tuesday, September 30, 2014

spirit week

It's Homecoming Week and the middle school is getting in on the fun. Yesterday was pajama day. Today is backwards. When Mason was in elementary school there was no way you could convince him to do this. Now he loves it!! He was very excited for today. Tomorrow is dress up and Thursday is Super Hero. I'll kept you posted. :D

it's my day

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! I felt like I was in Texas. The sun felt soo good!! Bailee colored my hair then we went to lunch and ran a couple errands. She worked today so I figured we could justify lunch yesterday. :)

Saturday Brian took me to Chicago to see the Blue Man Group. It was great! We had no idea it was a comedy act as well. We sat behind the "splash zone". They all had ponchos to put on so their clothes wouldn't get ruined. 

We had some beautiful views as we walked to and from the train. The picture below was the train stop after the show. It was a little creepy but we were safe. We ended up sitting there an extra 30 mins...the train was late. Which made us late for our train home. Instead of the 8:40 we ended up catching the 10:40 train. It was a late night. 

Today has been a little odd. I've been close to tears all day. I'm trying to be happy. But it's been a tough day. I miss Mom so much today. I miss my life in Texas. I miss McKinzie and her family. So every time I start thinking there's tears...

I went for a run to try to turn my mind off. I ran 6.5 miles. It didn't really work but I loved the scenery. I love this tall grass! It's a natural fence. 

Then the rest of the afternoon I sewed a blanket and burp clothes for McKinzie's friend, Ariel. She's having her first baby in November. I love the flowers on this flannel. 

I decided to give her an appliqué burp cloth too. :)

The kids ask me how my day has been. I tell them it's been like every other day. They are sad for me. Life as an adult I guess. I'm going to make peach crisp instead of cake. I'm looking forward to that. Happy birthday to me!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

productive week

I'm starting to see beautiful sunrises again. (So grateful the sun rises later.) I LOVE the beauty of where we live. I love the view we have from our kitchen. The leaves have started to change. I'm looking forward to fall. Not too excited for winter, but I'm trying to be optimistic. 

A couple days ago the kids kept trying to save a mouse that Oscar was after. They would pick him up and throw him in the house. I would open the door and send him out to hunt. Well, needless to say, he got the mouse. He's become our neighborhood hunter. I love it!

I started two sewing projects this week. Crazy, I know! The top one is a block a month with a sewing group that meets once a week. These are the colors for block one minus one black I still need to order. 

The other picture is for a pumpkin runner that I was hoping to make last year when we first moved here. I completely forgot about this. I only need to cut the white and brown then I can put it all together. :D

Lately I've been taking pictures out my sunroof while I drive. It makes Carson nervous. This is my favorite road. It leads to our house so I drive it a lot. It just makes me smile. 

This past week I sealed the backsplash. One more thing done! I'm loving the look of our kitchen. We still need to paint the ceiling and install a new ceiling fan. I also did a minor repair on the master bath toilet. I'm feeling a little handy. 

I was able to get three runs in this last week. Monday I ran 6.2, Wednesday 4 miles, then Friday 7.8 (I think). On Friday I shook it up a bit and changed my route last minute. This field is soybean. I love the color it has become with the onset of fall. Plus this cute barn! I just had to stop and take a picture. 

I hope I stop often enough to show the kids the beauty all around us. I'll never tire of the beauty that Heavenly Father has given us. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014


My current calling for church is the first counselor in the Stake Primary. I'm also over the Scouting program so I was in charge of a Stake eleven year old campout. We did this last weekend. I had expected to have over 20 boys and their dads, but the weather was rainy Friday evening. These are the boys that attended. They were great!! They included everyone!

Our purpose is to help these boys pass off their Tenderfoot from this campout. I believe two were able to complete all the requirements from this event. I'm thrilled for them!

Here is our Presidency. 
Me, Marci, Hilda, and Staci. We have fun together. :0)

another soccer game

Adam had his first soccer game today! I can't believe he's big enough to play! I wish we could have been there to watch. 

McKinzie said he kicked the ball 4 different times towards the goal. Then a boy on his team kicked the ball from him and kicked it into the pole. :( Maybe next week he will make a goal.  

Go Adam!!!

Happy Birthday

It's hard to believe my baby is 9 years old!! He's been so excited for this day. He had a hard time sleeping he was so excited about the days events.

I took Subway to him for lunch. It was fun sitting among his friends. This school does not allow treats for birthdays (lame!). So he took Ninja Turtle pencils for his classmates.

Carson loves watching Studio C, family friendly comedy skits. While I was making dinner, he watched one set during the 1800s and he wanted to dress up for that era. He did great finding everything he needed around the house. :0) I love his imagination!

Time for presents! 
McKinzie found the coolest card! It had a Captain America mask built into the card.  Grandma & Grandpa gave him this Hogwarts Express pocket watch. He loves it! He received lots of birthday money earmarked for Party City. (For an Anikan costume.) Brian and I gave him the Superman shirt he wore to school and an Elders Wand. He loved it all!

For a few birthdays I've added a few things about them.  ALL of them have told me how disappointed they are when I don't.  So here goes...
Nine things about CJ.
  • He's a thinker.  He thinks often about being an adult.
  • He plans on doing something "amazing" one day.
  • He shares his testimony every month at church.
  • He is thinking he might want to be an actor when he grows up.
  • He loves to make people laugh.
  • He's a great friend.
  • He does a super job on his chores.
  • He makes everything fun.
  • He talks ALL the time.
Happy birthday CJ!! I love you!!
(His birthday is on the 12th. For some reason it didn't publish last night.)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

nearing the end

Today the weather changed drastically. I don't think I've worn a sweater before my birthday for 16+ years. Today I'm wearing a sweater. The high today was 54, I think. I don't mind wearing a sweater but I'm not ready for coats and boots. 

Monday I picked three sad looking cantaloupe out of our garden. They were perfect!! Soo flavorful and juicey! I know we won't be able to eat them quick enough before they go bad though. I've bottled 12 pints and 2 quarts of tomatoes over these past few weeks. It was exciting to hear the lids pop as they sealed once they were removed from the water bath. :0) 

I've loved having a garden. Fresh tomatoes and cucumbers have been amazing to eat. We've had more strawberries than I've expected for it bring their first year. 

Sadly it's all coming to an end. The leaves have started to change and it's suppose to be cool all week. I know I'll enjoy Fall. This will an amazing season. But the season after is what I'm not looking forward to...Winter. 

Now that's a tomato sandwich!! It was soo tasty!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Mason has been working hard over the last 10 months (me too!). Tonight he received his Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class. He also received his first merit badges; archery, environmental science, swimming, and first aid. Whew!

Way to go Mason!! Keep working hard!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

first date

Tonight Karlee went on her first date! He asked her out maybe 2 weeks ago. He was hoping to take her out on her birthday but we had her party that night. Then a few days ago she asked if she could move it to tonight instead of Friday. (She had a babysitting job and always needs the money.) 

Karlee is excited to be dating but she's more excited that she doesn't have to make sure there's an odd number when she's hanging out with friends. She's excited that she can get a ride home with a boy without her parents saying something. 

I'm excited that I don't have to ask who will be there? How many boys? What's the boy/girl count? Don't worry I'll still ask questions. Now it will be more like...Don't you think you need an off date? :0)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

happy birthday

Look who's 16!! It's shocking I know!! She's been looking forward to this all summer. You see, there's this boy she likes...now she can date!!

I tried to post this yesterday, on her birthday, but it didn't work for some reason. The whole day was all about Karlee. She invited 25 of her closest friends over for a party. LOL  We decorated the basement putting up lights, cleaned, pulled out a projector for a movie, and baked. We were able to go out to Olive Garden as a family in the afternoon. We had a very nice time. Then hurried back before her friends arrived. 

They seemed to have a great time! I know Karlee did!! 

We are so grateful to have Karlee a part of our family. She's super smart, creative, brave (remember that caterpillar?), honest, helpful (when she wants to be), trustworthy (ha! A scout!). 

We love you Karlee!! I hope you had a great birthday!