Friday, August 11, 2017

more driving

Montana is a beautiful state.
Our drive today is short. We're only driving to Spokane,WA.

We drove through Coeur d'Alene on our way to the hotel and I had never been there before. We stopped to check out the lake. It was beautiful! There were people everywhere and once Carson saw people were swimming he just had to join them. Plus it was a very warm day. 

For over a week we stayed in a different bed. Almost a new State with each new bed. 
Wednesday our home in Illinois.
Thursday in Wisconsin.
Friday in South Dakota.
Saturday was Montana.
Sunday Washington and
Monday Pendleton, Oregon. Brian and I attended a work dinner in Pendleton Monday night then the kids and I headed to Salem on Tuesday where we stayed in a hotel until we moved into our apartment on Saturday. We had the keys Thursday but movers didn't arrive until the weekend.
Normally, after a move, I feel at home very quickly. This time not so much. We know/hope the apartment is temporary so we're not putting up wall hangings. It might be a mistake but it is what it is. Our home in Illinois has not sold yet. We've lowered the price yet again. It feels like we're giving it away. We're almost at the point where we'll just break even. Oh well, that's better than at a loss. 

Brian's new company has been amazing. They've offered to help in many ways since our house hasn't sold. He is loving working with this company. I'm so glad. That's why we moved here. 

This will be my last post here. My new blog is called "Shuldberg's Oregon Trail". Here's to new adventures!

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