Friday, August 11, 2017

Mt. Rushmore & Bailee

We arrived very early so we could fit this into our schedule. These first two pictures are from the road. Karlee took them for me. So cool!!

I'm not sure the kids are excited to be back.

Look!! Here I am!

This was the original plan for the mountain. Ambitious! I think where they stopped is just as impressive.

The kids ended up enjoying visiting after all. We walked on a trail that took us closer to the mountain. As we were leaving the crowds were getting intense. It was perfect!

Tired boys...

BAILEE!!!! She meet us in Butte, Montana for the night. It was great to see her! She was taking Cali with her to deliver to Grandmas until we can take her back. The apartment only allows two pets. :(
This is our third hotel but the first chance to get in the pool. The boys were excited. 

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