Sunday, March 19, 2017


Saturday Mason had his last basketball game. It was probably his best game! He shot more, jumped for rebounds more, and even stole the ball a couple times. It was fun to watch him. He made 6 points and the first points were his. Kind of fun.

Saturday ended up being a very busy day. Carson auditioned for another play. We should hear back in a couple days if he gets a part. It's a murder mystery about Little Bo Peep and her sheep. 

We cleaned the chapel and I found out when we clean we go to DQ. I didn't know it was a thing but one thing is for sure, I didn't stop them. For 30 years I would get an M&M blizzard without chocolate syrup. But now I get M&M monster cookie and it's soo good! I'm loving the peanut butter lately. Shake things up every 30 years, it's a good thing. 

The boys then worked in the yard setting up an electric fence for Murray. It'll be so nice to let him stay outside and chew on leaves and branches while we come back inside. He loses his focus when he's told to go potty. Soon we can send him out. Can't wait!

We have big news... We're moving! Brian is changing companies and we're moving to Oregon. It will be such a big change. He'll start in April and the rest of us will move once the house sells. I'm hoping by July. The kids have all reacted so differently. We've told them all separate hoping to help with any anxiety. After only a day for two they've all come around and are excited. Whew! We showed the boys a few houses we've looked at online then they started looking up our current home and our old home in Texas. We all forgot what our home looked like in Texas. 

This is my current presidency. We've only been all together a few times. There's a chance this might be our last time together as well. I've truly enjoyed working with these ladies. There's Sarah M, Julia A, and Staci I. They are all so different but I have enjoyed all we've done together. I'm so grateful for social media, I just might be able to stay in touch with them once we move.

Yesterday and today I've been focused on selling items on an online yard sale site. We're hoping to downsize some before the move. The air hockey table it gone and about 5 more items I'm waiting on pick up. It's an exhausting process but a necessary one. 

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