Tuesday, April 18, 2017

sunny days

When we got home Monday afternoon from the airport I was loving the beautiful weather. We got the pets taken care of and luggage put away and I headed out for a run. I ran 3 miles and it was heavenly. The clouds were perfect!

As I headed out for a run this morning I saw our first tulips. The rest are close to bloom as well. I'm surprised these new bushes, below, didn't bloom more. But that's ok.  

With Brian in Oregon I'm the lucky one that's gets to mow. I wasn't even sure where the edge of our yard was. Plus, it wasn't relaxing like Brian promised. It was work. 

CJ gave me a break and he mowed part of the back for me. He's hoping I'll pay him. 

Tonight Brian has a meeting with Greg, his boss, in Newport. He said this is his view from the restaurant. It's beautiful! I can't wait till I can join him there. 

The sellers countered our offer today and we've already countered back. I hope they come back with something more reasonable. They only came down $4,000. We should know more by Thursday. 

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