Sunday, April 16, 2017


With us being in Oregon we had to do things a little different for Easter. Thank goodness we were staying in a suite so we could still color eggs. We only did a dozen though. We'll leave them with Brian since he'll be staying here for the next two weeks. 

On our way to Oregon Mason's carry on bag wheels busted. He ended up carrying the bag half the time. No fun! I wasn't about to bring Easter baskets so I thought outside the box and they got new carry on luggage and used that as their basket. At first the boys didn't understand it was new luggage for them.

Now they understand. They we so excited!

Looking for eggs. See that egg above the picture? That was one of the last eggs they found. Hidden in plain sight.

Easter morning turn out better than they both thought it would. Whew! 
We attended church at our potential new ward. It turned out well. Both the boys liked their classes and and said they were looking forward to the new ward. Everyone was friendly. 
When church was out at 2 we drove the scenic route to Randall and Noelle's and it was beautiful! Vineyards, orchards, and rolling hills everywhere. Some of the tallest trees I've seen and lush greenery too. I just can't get over the beauty. We ate dinner at a restaurant near the temple that might become a regular spot for us. It was delish! 

We walked around the temple with Randall and Noelle after we ate and just soaked up the beauty.

The boys ran and played. They have too much energy. 

We went back to their house for dessert and just hung out. After awhile Skylar, Amanda, and their little one, Madelyn came over. It was fun to be with family. I'm really looking forward to living closer to family. This will be nice. 

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