Sunday, April 16, 2017

house hunting

Thursday we headed to Portland to do our house hunting. We brought our boys with us and they were so excited to fly. The last time they flew was in 2010 when we went to Mom's funeral. Mason was only 7 and Carson was 4 1/2. I had forgotten how long ago it was.

I think we were starting to land here. I sat in the aisle for our flight. I should have traded they both got up way too often.

As we headed to Salem the sunset was beautiful.

This is over the Willamette river on our way to West Salem Friday morning.
We ended up looking at 14 houses on Friday. The boys enjoyed the first 3 then they lost interest. Another house sparked interest again so we had them for a few more houses. It wasn't as fun as they had hoped.

Saturday we had planned on reviewing 3 of the homes to try and make a decision. We ended up looking at a home that wasn't really in the running and after it was all said and done that's the one we made an offer on. The boys were glad to be done. So were Brian and I.

Emily Avenue... It ended up having the best storage possibilities, a 4 bay garage! Brian is in heaven. It was the best price for the square footage too. There is a community garden spot across the street and a club house two blocks away with a pool. We will need to replace all the carpet and we're considering refinishing the wood floors (there is water damage in the kitchen). We should hear back by Tuesday if they accept our offer or a counter offer. I'm sure they'll counter. We offered quite a bit less then they were asking.

We are excited to have found a house. Now we need to get our house sold.

The bottom picture is the view from our driveway. I'm excited!

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  1. I've been so busy lately, I haven't had time to read your blog, and then I saw this! Wow! So I had to do some backtracking to see what was going on with you guys. Exciting! The Pacific Northwest! It will be beautiful! Wishing you all well and that your house sells quickly. If you drive through Utah on your way, stop and say "hi"!