Sunday, April 9, 2017

electric fence and more

Obviously I'm trying to catch up with life. 

We have been so very busy around here with getting the home ready to put on the market. Last Saturday, not yesterday, Brian and the boys spent a couple hours burying the the wire for the fence. Tuesday they worked on it another hour. The ground was very wet and the boys were so very muddy. Friday evening we worked on it for another hour, I helped that day. Saturday Brian was able to finish up with silicone over the wire that was going across the driveway. 

It sure has been nice to not worry about Murray running into the street anymore. Stella didn't like it at first but after getting shocked, because she ignored the warning sounds, she has done better with staying in our yard. 

I'm going to miss the view from our home. This was taken Friday evening from the driveway.

We've also decluttered the entire house, painted doors and trim, painted the living room ceiling, delivered a couple loads to goodwill, cleaned carpet, replaced a couple light switches, repaired the door on the deck, and cleaned and cleaned. 

The house went on the market Friday afternoon. We had two showings on Saturday too. I hope that's a good sign. We really would like a contact quickly. We are going to Oregon this coming weekend to find us a new home. We're saying prayers and crossing fingers we find what works for us. 

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