Monday, July 10, 2017

exciting 4th

This past week has been very busy with everything related to the move. It's kind of exhausting. I'm playing catch up as usual.

Brian came home for a long weekend which was so nice. We attended a Ward breakfast at a park to start off our day. It was nice and relaxing. We have some great people in our own Ward. 

While Brian mowed our lawn, for the last time, I made monster cookies. It's been so long since I've made these. Everybody was a little surprised at how much they enjoyed them. 

We really didn't want to go anywhere and hang out with crowds so we decided to fill up water balloons and play in the yard. It was a huge success! All of us loved it and got super soaked. While the boys played in the water, Brian and I started preparing a late lunch. He was at the grill trying to pry hamburger patties apart and didn't like the first knife I gave him. It was whimpy. He came in to get one of our new Cutco knives and was slicing them apart and ended up slicing his finger. Bad!

I turned off the grill, found sandals for Brian, and a cover up for me. I yelled at the boys that we needed to go to the ER.  Off we went. 

It just wouldn't stop bleeding. Brian had a great sense of humor during this whole process. He felt rather foolish though. He was never in much pain which I couldn't imagine. 

He cut his finger super close to the bone. The Dr mention that he would need to see a hand specialist and he might need a graft. It looks rather freaky.

He's smiling! We were only in the ER about 2 hours is all. I was very impressed with everyone there. Brian has been to the emergency room more than anyone else in our family. This is his 3rd visit, since we've been married, and his second in 2017. I sure hope he's done for awhile. 

While at the hospital I was texting all the kids in a group text. Basically giving them all a heads up of what happened. Mason was cleaning up the mess we left and texted he found Dad's finger. I think everyone thought he was joking. Then he sent us a picture. Crazy!!

Once we got home Brian sat and relaxed while I grilled burgers for everyone. 

Later in the evening he felt good enough to make a fire for s'mores. We ate while listening and watching the fireworks all around. It really was a pretty good day. We took care of a few more things for the move and even did some playing and relaxing.  

On Friday he unwrapped his finger at the hotel. He said it felt better to give it some air. Ever since he unwrapped it is doesn't seem to bother him too much. He still can't stretch it too much though. Which is good, he still needs to take it easy. 

I'm so grateful it's not worse. He really could have taken his finger off instead of a chunk. Now to get him to see a specialist. 

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