Monday, July 10, 2017


Karlee was gone all weekend. She visited Victoria in Indiana. It was a 6 hour drive for her. Not too bad. She was headed home on Sunday to make it to her recommend interview when she had car problems. Her engine over heated and she was stranded on highway 57 about 2 hours away. Panic. I called a couple tow companies and found one that could head her way quickly. She ended up not making it to her interview. :(  It's been rescheduled for Wednesday night. 

The car is in the shop and I'm hoping to pick it up tomorrow. With the tow and repairs it's going to cost about $600. I guess it's a good thing we've sold our ATV's. At least we have that money to pay for the car. 

The kids played Monopoly today and had lots of fun. It was fun to hear their laughter. Mason won as he often does. It's one of his favorite games. 

The kitchen seems blah. I miss my red walls...

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