Saturday, July 1, 2017

special delivery

Karlee has been watching the mailbox for days. Today I was weeding and noticed the mailman deliver. No one else was aware. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the white envelope. I quietly put it on the kitchen counter as I texted the girls hoping they could FaceTime soon. 

I heard back from McKinzie quickly. Bailee has sketchy service where she is. Karlee was headed out the door to run an errand and noticed the envelope. She squealed!!! We were able to get the girls on the phone and she nervously opened it. 

She's going to the Washington Yakima mission! English speaking. She enters the MTC on September 20th. She has mixed emotions. She's excited to have an assignment and a date. The locations she is struggling with a little. It's not very exciting. Plus an ex boyfriend from high school is serving there but he's Spanish speaking. :/ She knows there's a purpose for her being assigned there. She already has received confirmation that this is the mission for her. Now she just needs to get over the other. She will.

Congratulations Karlee!! We are excited for you! You will be an awesome missionary.  

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