Monday, July 10, 2017

our last Six Flags


Can you tell I'm just a little bit excited? Six Flags is fun don't get me wrong. But we've been going every summer for 13 years straight, I think. Their cursed reading program!! The kids would complete their reading program to earn a free ticket. So we went. The kids have really enjoyed going every year. Me not so much. I can't ride rides anymore. These last few years I've taken motion sickness meds to help. It's helped some but I still don't ride anything that spins. Noting can fix that for me. 

This year it was just the boys and me. It was fun and not crowded at all. It would be our last year that I figure out that the day after the 4th is the best. Most people can't miss work the day after the 4th or they won't get paid their holiday pay. We only waited in probably 2 or 3 lines. Many rides we got right on. It really was wonderful. By 5 we had ridden all the thrill rides and a few regular rides. We decided to ride three more rides and go home. I was so excitted! Usually the boys want to stay until it's dark.  

Thank you Six Flags for providing may fond memories with my kids. You'll be missed!

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