Tuesday, July 11, 2017

FREE, fun, "P"

Today we checked many things off of our IL summer bucket list. Mason had picked up many free coupons from school for mini (putt putt) golf before the end of the year. Today we finally put them to use.  It was fun! Karlee got a hole in one, and I got a couple. Mason had one hole where he hit maybe 8-10 times. We didn't count 7, he kept starting over. He was determined to hit the ball through a log and struggled.

We then went on the "P"etal boats on the Fox. It was more of a work out than we planned. 

We also spent a couple hours at the "P"ool. All our actives were at Potowatamie Park. More "P"s! It got me thinking. We spent our first weekend at Potowatiamie Park playing on the playground enjoying all the Fall leaves. This is our last week and we are spending it at the same park. 
Carson reminded us that it was FREE slurpee day at 7-11. Heck yes!!! We hit two different stores. The first store only had two flavors. The second had cotton candy. I've never had cotton candy slurpee before. It was amazing!!  

Then cow appreciation day too?! Such a fun, FREE day for us! 

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