Saturday, May 6, 2017


This past week CJ's class was having debates as they were portraying colonial people. I think CJ was John Adams. He took his wig to school to look the part. If it had been white it would have been perfect!! He loved it!

During art class he painted this mask. I'm sure you can guess who it is. 

Mason had a research paper to work on all week. He was struggling so he decided to go to school early which unfortunately caused him to miss seminary, two days in a row. By the end of class on that second day his teacher was very impressed with his work and told the rest of the class that if they needed help to ask Mason.That really gave him a boost in his self esteem. Mason is so smart! I'm glad when he needs help he's not afraid to ask.

McKinzie sent out this gem to the family. Everybody loves to lick beaters.

Our day today has been working on yet another bathroom. We changed from this sink and counter to granite. We're also changing out the towel rods.

So far so good!

Then we looked at the other sink. There are 2X4's in the way.

I've already arranged for a plumber to come out tomorrow because we have broken valve handles upstairs and dripping water downstairs. He might have to finish the job. There's a reason plumbing and electrical should be done by professionals. You want to kill something (or someone) when it won't work!

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