Thursday, May 4, 2017

home sweet home

Karlee arrived home Wednesday morning! We both were so excited! She drove home with Marin F, a girl from our Stake. It sounded like they had a blast on the drive. We originally thought about flying her home then this options became available. It's a good thing too. Do you see all the stuff she brought home with her? Somehow she managed to have it all put away, out of sight for showings, by 1ish. I was impressed. Today she has been on her computer applying for jobs. She already has a job lined up to teach swim lessons again. She's hoping to find a job as a CNA. That would be perfect. 

She's been home two days and she has definitely added excitement here. The boys have asked her for all kinds of help. I'm loving it! So is Karlee. She's a ball of energy. She has emptied the dishwasher without being asked too. I hope she keeps it up. So glad you're home Karlee! We love you!!

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