Sunday, May 14, 2017

flowers for me

It's been a nice Mother's Day. Brian talked at church today and he did a wonderful job as usual. The YW taught the lesson in RS and it was nice to hear all their kinds words about their moms and the women in their lives.
Brian gave me roses on Friday. Then shortly after I put his in water I found Karlee's flower outside. Aren't they both beautiful!

After church Karlee, Brian and I met with Bishop to talk about Karlee going on a mission. It's getting real! She's decided to put her availability date as September 1st. Our next priority is dr appointments. 

This evening we facetimed with Grandma to wish her a Happy Mother's Day then with Bailee later in the evening. We talked with McKinzie a couple of times as well. There's lots of drama for right now. Her friends have become a pain. I hope it calms down soon. 

It's been a nice relaxing day. Brian heads off to Oregon in the morning. He won't be home till Memorial Day Weekend. It's going to be a long couple weeks.

These arrived Monday from Bailee. I love them! I miss her.

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