Sunday, May 14, 2017

game opener

Friday night our district 5th graders played the National Anthem at the Cougars game. They sounded great! CJ was so excited to do this. This is our last band event for him. I've called our rental company and we'll return his trumpet in about three weeks. He's enjoyed it but he loves the viola more.

These boys are up close hoping to catch a fly ball. We had a fun night. It was a perfect evening to watch a baseball game. 

Saturday evening we played basketball in our driveway while the dogs hung out with us. Later on in the evening Mason was loving on Murray and found not one but two ticks! There's the big one you can see and a tiny baby one next to it. Mason and I held down Murray hoping Brian could get them out. We think we got them... All these years living here and two weekends in a row we've found ticks on Murray. The first one was just on his hair. We weren't so lucky this time. 

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