Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend was so nice. Brian got home Friday afternoon and we went on our weekly date, twice a month these days. Saturday we worked around the house, dropped off ATV's at the shop, and worked more around the house.

Sunday was very relaxing. Mason was playing games in the office while the rest of us relaxed in front of the TV. It was a wonderful day. 

Carson planned FHE and he printed up an agenda. He loves organization. 

Our Ward had a breakfast and games on Memorial Day. They provided pancakes and breakfast casseroles while everyone brought muffins, fruit, donuts and other goodies. Overall it was a huge success. The Teachers did most of the cooking which turned out well. Afterwards kids played soccer, baseball, and kickball. Kickball lasted the longest. Dads started to join in on the game.

After breakfast Karlee helped me plant flowers. She sure has been a great help. I've asked her to do many things and almost always she says yes.  The beds turned out well.  Monday night we met with a former employee of Brian's. He's hoping to recruit her to go work for him at his new company. The evening was very nice. It was a wonderful weekend! 

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