Thursday, May 25, 2017

some good ~ some bad

Today has been a no good, terrible bad day in many ways. 

It started off well at Carson's last field day. I helped with the volleyball station. I was able to take a snapshot from across the gym of him holding the jumprope. 

In the bottom picture he's getting ready to bump the ball and he got it!

This boy has refused to get new shoes. Today the sole started coming off. He finally agreed to throw them away. It's surprising to think these are the same shoes (below). He has worn them out in every way.

Mason text me this afternoon to tell me about a test he took this week for IED. It was a test for college credit and he did well enough to get credit! Wahoo Mason!! Way to go! You're a smartie!!

Let me tell you about Karlee's crazy day. She headed to Naperville for work and stopped to get gas plus a car wash. While in the car wash it stopped! She still had soap on her car and it shut off. She didn't dare to try and drive out, not sure if that would cause a problem. She called me but there was nothing I could do. I was at field day. I told her to call the gas station and let them know. The guy that answered was surprised and said he'd be right there to help. Poor girl! She might never go to a car wash again!

So, about my crazy day. Between field day and work I had about 30 mins so I decided to go home and let the dogs out for a bit. When I got home it smelled like POOP! An overwhelming order of POOP! Stella had the runs and it was bad. I quickly sent her outside while I put her crate on the deck and her bedding in the wash. I wiped up the floor with paper towels then Lysol wipes again and again. I hosed down her crate then wiped it down. I let it sit outside to dry a bit. The house still smelled awful! 

I put her crate back in the kitchen with a blanket for her. Put the dogs back in their crates, set the alarm on the house then headed to work. The instant I clocked out of work Brian called and said the alarm company called and said the glass break in the kitchen went off and an officer had been dispatched. The company could hear the dogs barking and Brian thought Stella's barking set it off. It was true! I think she barked like crazy wanting to get outside again. More POOP! While I was cleaning it up an officer stopped by and I had to show him my ID to prove I lived here. What a day! 

I cleaned the floor and crate again, putting more bedding in the wash and this time I gave Stella a bath.  An hour later I finally sat down to eat lunch. I was beat! 

She's been fine all afternoon and evening. I took both dogs for a 3 mile walk and all was good. I went up to my room and when I came out of my room she had POOPED by my door! What is wrong with her?! She's not allowed upstairs! Is she sick? Is it anxiety? Is she losing her mind? I hope we get this figured out soon. Real soon. 

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  1. She likely got into something. Feed her rice and ground turkey and give her Pepto Bismol. Been there. Good luck.