Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday moments

Carson had his second day of performances today. (We attended yesterday's performance, I'll add pictures soon.) We left church about 15 minutes early to get him there. We then headed home to change and tidy up the house for another open house.  As we headed back to church for Mason and Karlee, Brian and I were very frustrated/angry with each other. The stress of selling the house and all that we need to do to move is causing stress between us. I hate this part. I'm ready for all of this to be behind us. 

Mason stayed after for choir and Karlee met with Bishop to start her mission papers. It's pretty exciting! She's debating between putting her availability date as her birthday or in November after Adam is baptized. It'll be a tough decision for her.

The open house was a flop. In the two hours only one party showed up near the end. They don't have their house on the market either. Brian and I decided to drop the price yet again, another $25,000. This will put us in another market. Hopefully this will get us some showings.

While I was making lunch/dinner I facetimed with Bailee. It was so nice catching up with her. We don't seem to talk as often. She said it was because I don't call her often. I guess I'll need to make a change. Look out Bailee!

Karlee taught the lesson for FHE and the spirit was very strong. She did a great a job. She asked us questions about experiences and really made us think trying to see the Lord's hand in our Iives. 
Brian made the treat for us. This might be the first time he's made cookies since we've been married. I'm sure I never really gave him a chance since I love making cookies. ;)

Then we went out and played four square. It was so much more fun playing with 5 people. So glad you're home Karlee!

It's always a struggle keeping Stella out of the game. 

We also facetimed with McKinzie tonight. It's so fun visiting with them. The kids are all getting so big! By the end of the conversation Dex was freely smiling at us. We need to FaceTime often so when we see them at the reunion he won't be afraid of us. 

Karlee started her mission papers tonight! It's getting real!

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