Sunday, May 14, 2017

last play

Today was CJ's last performance for "Mother Goose Mystery". He was sad that it was over. They all did a great job!

Mason was able to play the violin to wake up Johnny. 
Here he is with his crush Bo Peep. He played Johnny Hubbard, Mother Hubbard's son. CJ sang and danced in this play. This character really stretched him.

Then both Karlee and Mason were mice as the cast sang "Three Blind Mice". It was fun to watching them be on stage too.

The woman who wrote the play attended the same performance as we did. She was very impressed with how well the kids did.

Haley, CJ, and Isaac at the end of the show. Haley and Isaac were reporters. Yes CJ is wearing a tiara. It was part of the show.

Johnny and Bo Peep, so cute!

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